Goa Tourism

Music & Dances

Goa is a land of highly talented and artistic people with a rich cultural synthesis blending East and West most creatively. In addition to the classical different forms of music and dance have evolved. Music and dance form the very fibre of rural Goa. Each occasion and region has its distinctive forms. The urban areas have adapted to modern and popular music styles.

Goa folk dances bear a tradition of thousands of years, characterized by innumerable forms performed by and reflecting lifestyles, cultures and aspirations of different strata, religions and castes of Goan society. Women perform a number of the traditional dances like Dekni - a rare blend of traditional and modern music. Fugdi and Dhalo are the most common folk dances of Goa. The Kunbi is a tribal folk dance. Women holding lamps on their heads perform the lamp dance during Shigmo festival. Morulem is another traditional folk dance presented by the backward community during Shigmo. The Zagor is a folk play presented in different villages of Goa by the Gawda community. The Dhangar, performed during Navratri, is a vigorous session of worship and dance. Mando is a love song which represents the mingling of Indian and western tradition.