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Folk Dance and Music of Goa

About Folk Dance and Music of Goa

Dancing and singing and Merrymaking Traditions!

Folk dance and Music is the lifeline of Goan People and it is an integral part of Goa culture. Be it any occasion or festivity, merrymaking in Goa is incomplete without the soul soothing music and Folk dance.

If you haven’t danced to the blissful rhythm of cultural music and haven’t listened to the heart touching delightful music then what are you even doing in Goa?

Only scenic beaches, churches, Goan Food will not elevate your holidays in Goa to an amazing level, you need to explore more, feel more and Sync your vibe with the Goan Vibe. If you really want to experience the soul of the queen of Beaches -Goa, then you must enjoy the best Folk dances and Music in Goa.

Goa has a rich cultural heritage which is a beautiful amalgamation of eastern and western cultures. Folk dance and Music of Goa makes the cultural tourism of Goa the most interesting one. Portuguese and Israeli’s who ruled Goa influenced the folk dance and music of Goa.

Goan people are very passionate people in whatever they do. Their passion for dance and music is such that some of the festivals which are celebrated in Goa are solely dedicated to dance and music, to promote the culture tourism worldwide.

Folk Dance of Goa

Deep rooted in traditions, customs and culture the traditional Folk dance of Goa showcases Goa’s long history, stratum of society and glimpses of Goan Life. The cultural roots of the folk dances in Goa will take you back to ancient times as you will see various influences from kings and various cultures and religions. Some of the most popular traditional Folk dances of Goa are - Ghode Modni, Dhangar Dance, Goff Talgadi, Shigmo and Mussel khel etc.

Folk Music of Goa

Influences from the western world didn’t spare the music of Goa. One can also see the beautiful combination of eastern and western influences in the traditional music of Goa.

Music is the life of Goa. Every corner of Goa is musical. In nightclubs, pubs or even in the streets music is the great way of entertainment. Music of Goa is unique. Due to Portuguese influence one can hear the combination of Konkani and Portuguese lyrics at different places in Goa. Some music are of religious and cultural significance.

Traditional music of Goa including folk songs can be best heard in rural areas of Goa. Some of the most popular traditional music of Goa are - Mando Suvari , Ovi, Dhallo, and Duvallo etc.

If you are really planning to visit Goa then you must make an effort to know the culture of Goa in depth through its delightful music and dance.

There is a huge list of the folk dances and music of Goa but mentioned here are only the most popular Folk Dances and Music to make your Goa Culture Tour the most memorable one.

Delightful Goa’s Cultural Tourism - Folk Dances and Folk Songs of Goa

Folk Dances and Folk Songs of Goa
  • Ghode Modini - It is one of the most popular folk dances of Goa. Viewing this dance form will teleport you into the world of great warriors of the past. The dancers tuck dummy horses around their waists and carry swords in their hands which is a symbol of bravery and swing around in the background music of Dhol.
  • Mando - Mando is the folk music of Goa. It is a delightful combination of eastern and western musical forms. It was performed by catholic Christians in 1840’s and now it is usually performed in wedding celebrations. Assortment of violin, guitar, and Ghumat makes this music more soothing to the ear. Mando festival is also held every year to promote this folk music of Goa.
  • Dhangar Dance - It is a religious folk dance of Goa performed by the shepherd community known as Dhangars to please their folk god Bhira Deva. Dancers move around in the beat of Dhol in Kathiawari white dress and turban with colorful handkerchiefs. This dance is usually performed during Navratri when people worship their local deities.
  • Ovi songs - It is the most popular music of Goa usually performed in wedding ceremonies especially in Chudda and Sado ceremony. Women sing this song while applying coconut pulp milk to the bride and groom. Christian missionaries used this song to influence the locals by imbibing biblical themes in it.
  • Lamp Dance - Lamp dance is usually performed during the Shigmo Festival. Dancers use brass lamps on their head and move their body without affecting the position of the lamps. Assortment of various musical instruments like Cymbal, Ghumat, Harmonium, and Samel makes this dance most blissful to behold.
  • Trance music of Goa - It is one of the most popular electronic dance music of Goa originated in the 1990's, introduced by Hippies. It is usually performed today in nightclubs, parties and local events. Trance music is also known as Hippie trance or Psychedelic trance.
  • Dekhni - It is a combination of song and dance. The song has the western influence while the dance is in traditional Indian Form. It is performed by women. Dekhni is associated with people who converted from Hinduism to Christianity during the reign of Portuguese. Ghumat is the major instrument used in this dance. The girls who perform this dance are considered as the servants of God.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some popular dance festivals of Goa are –

  • Sao Joao
  • Shigmo Festival
  • Goa Ecstatic Dance Festival
  • Indian Cultural Dance Festival, Goa

The most popular music festivals of Goa are –

  • Sunburn Festival
  • Goa International Jazz Live Festival
  • Goa Hip-hop festival
  • Goa Sun splash
  • Alien Universe Festival
  • Hilltop Festival
  • World Mouth Harp festival

Yes, a Fugdi dance is performed during Ganesh Chaturthi.

The most popular religious dances of Goa are –

  • Veerbhadra
  • Romta Mel
  • Dashavatara
  • Kunbi

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