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Tomb and Baradari at Sadhna Enclave Delhi

Delhi is a city of history and with constant turmoil in the power shift, Delhi saw the eruption and destruction of many monuments. Some survived and today they are celebrated as one of many famous museums in India, but there also those who were just forgotten over time. Visit every part of Delhi and you will at least one such monument which has been ignored by everybody, even the wrath of the time ignored it. They are neither glorious anymore nor are they ruined, they just lie there, some standing tall. One such monument is the tomb and baradari in Sadhna Enclave. Abandoned by its masters and by the people, today these monuments, despite being part of historical evolution, holds no greater significance. Across the narrow street lie two monument, one a tomb and other is a Bardari, a Persian style garden. Today both of them are abandoned by the authorities and except for a renovation no more progress has been made. The ruler under whom these monuments were commissioned is still unknown except for the dynasty under which the monuments were built.

History of the Attraction

Not much is known about the history of the abandoned tomb except for the Lodhi era architecture. The square-shaped monument signifies that it was meant for nobleman instead of royalty. The tomb had engraved graffiti which has eroded over the time but the architecture style points towards Lodhi dynasty construction. The baradari located on the other side of the road hints towards Tughlaq era. The 14th-century ruler has been attributed to the construction of various monuments and the baradari seems to be one such. Today both these monuments have been surrounded by residential colonies. Once a sign of power and grandeur, the craftsmanship today lies vacant and unattended.

Getting there

The nearest metro station is Malviya Nagar Metro station on Yellow Line of Delhi Metro. From there you can take an auto to the DDA market which is near to the tomb.

Things to Do in & around

Sadhna enclave is a residential colony but located in the posh South Delhi, you can visit various markets like Malviya Nagar and Hauz Khas. Hauz Khas is known for the famous Hauz Khas Fort and the never-ending road of Cafe, restaurants and bars.

Opening and Closing Timing

You can visit the monument anytime. There is no opening and closing time.

Entry Fees

There is no entry fee

Best Time to Visit Tomb at Sadhna Enclave

The tomb at Sadhna Enclave is accessible throughout the year. However, if you are planning a Delhi sightseeing tour, winter would be the best season. The temperature is suitable for travelling within the city.

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