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Nestled inside the famous Purana Quila near Mathura road lies the unexplored and hidden Purana Quila Baoli. Baoli is a stepped well which was used in ancient time to preserve water during monsoon seasons. Rainfall in India is limited to the monsoon season and in order to meet the water demands, the Baolis were constructed. It was an ideal place to beat the heat during scorching summer season. However, over the time, as the forts were abandoned, these Baolis were also forgotten with those lost monuments. These Baoli also had a strategic importance as the water stored in the Baoli were used for the irrigation. Not many people are aware of the existence of a Baoli in Purana Qila. As you stroll around the ruins of the medieval forts, getting acquainted with the centuries-old stories and traditions, you will stumble across the Purana Qila Baoli, situated between The Baoli is located between the double-storeyed octagonal tower, Sher Mandal and single-domed Qila-i-Kuhna Mosque. One of the nine historical Baolis in Delhi, Purana Qila Bauli is a reminiscence of the glorious past of Suri Dynasty.

History of the Attraction

Built by Sher Shah Suri, Purana Qila is one of the oldest forts in India. A recent excavation of the site showed the proof of the existence of Mauryan architecture inside the same complex, leading to speculations that the monument was originally built during 3rd century BC. Sher Shah Suri reconstructed on the same site. Believed to be a resting place of Pandavas in the ancient city of Indraprastha. The Qila is Delhi’s one of the most visited monuments and people visit the monument every day to witness the grandeur of medieval architecture.

The Baoli is situated on the opposite side of the main western entrance. In contrast to the elevated platform on which the fort is built, the Baoli is constructed on the lowest contoured level. A total of 89 steps take you to 22 meters below the level. This century-old Baoli was a major source of water inside the Fort and it was well built and covered during the historic time. The structure is made of sandstone and as you descend inside the Baoli you will notice that each landing inside the Baoli is marked by recessed niches on the side walls. Once a major source of water inside the main citadel of a historic dynasty, today this Baoli is fighting a battle to survive the wrath of time.

Getting there

The nearest metro station is Pragati Maidan on Blue Line of Delhi Metro. From there you can take an auto to reach Purana Qila also known as Old Fort.

Things to Do in & around

Purana Qila is a major tourist destination in Delhi. A testament of the Suri Dynasty, you can explore the Purana Qila Fort complex. There is also a lake near the main entry, which offers you a chance of paddle boating. You can also explore the Delhi Zoo, situated near the entry of the Fort.

Opening and Closing Timing

The Baoli and Fort complex is open on all days of the week from 7 am to 5 pm.

Entry Fees

The entry fee for an Indian citizen is INR 20. The entry fee for a foreign citizen is INR 200.

Best Time to Visit

Winters in Delhi is the best time to explore the city with climate being favourable for a sightseeing tour.

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