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A monument that was there when India gained its freedom, it was there when India’s freedom struggle begun, it was there when the Mughals invaded India and it existed long before Vasco Degama set foot on Indian sub-continent. A monument so old, Gol Gumad near JLN stadium lies vacant and unattended. One of the oldest existing tomb in the city, not much known is about the history of Gol Gumbad, but it surely is a testament of its 15-century architecture, which has withstood the wrath of time for over 6 centuries. Located on the intersection of Lodhi Road and Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, the Gol Gumbad narrates the history of the medieval city of Delhi. A square shaped monument with a dome on the top of it, the structure is still intact. Although the entry is restricted with gates of the tomb locked, you can take a tour of the tomb from the outside.

History of the Attraction

Like many of the unknown tombs in Delhi, Gol Gumbad near JLN stadium is also a tomb without history. Believed to be of 15 century, because of its architectural design. The board near the entry says the Tomb belongs to the Lodi dynasty. The Tomb survived for all this period. Before the 2010 Delhi Common Wealth Games, the tomb was given a facelift. The paints which had earlier faded were restored and the tomb was fitted with colourful LED bulbs. Today, the monument stands tall on the Lodhi Road, being a testament of royal history of Delhi. In order to preserve the monument, it has been closed to public visit.

Getting there

The nearest metro station is JLN stadium on Violet Line of Delhi Metro. From there you can take an auto to reach Gol Gumbad.

Things to Do in & around

The Gol Gumbad is located close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Humayun’s Tomb. You can also explore the Lodhi Garden, which is 10 minutes’ drive from Gol Gumbad.

Opening and Closing Timing

The tomb is not open for public visit.

Entry Fees

There is no entry fee.

Best Time to Visit

Winters in Delhi is the best time to explore the city with climate being favourable for a sightseeing tour.

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