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Amidst lush flora of the Lodhi gardens lies the tomb of Sikandar Lodi; the second ruler of the Lodi dynasty. This famous historical monument is situated in the Khairpur village that resides in south Delhi, which is a fine demonstration of the Indo-Islamic architectural style, hence counted among the best heritage places to visit in Delhi

The tomb was built by Sikander Lodi’s son Ibrahim Lodi, after his death in 1517 CE. The architectural structure of the dome is such that it creates a false impression of double storey. This phenomenal structure sits on an uplifted rectangular veranda provided with three tall arches on each side, all leading to the chamber. The tomb is adorned with various colorful tiles whereas its walls have different foreign languages and mughal architectural designs engraved on it.

To this secured complex the south facing gateway acts as the main entrance, which is flanked by umbrella shaped domes built on the square platform that were designed to add symmetry to this marvellous craftsmanship. The Lodi Tomb is considered to be the first garden tomb in Indian subcontinent and also India’s earliest surviving enclosed garden tomb. It is the Lodi Garden that surrounds the tomb which was before called as the old lady Wellington Park. In 1936, under the rule of the Britishers, the villages surrounding the tomb had been relocated to convert them into a beautiful manicured garden as designed by Lady Wellington. Apart from Sikandar Lodi’s tomb there are

History of the Attraction

For the avid history lovers, Lodi Tomb is a must-see place in Delhi, to witness the mughal architecture with a touch of indian craft. Sikandar Lodi, who reigned between 1489-1517 CE was the second ruler of Lodi dynasty after his father; Bahlul Lodi who died in 1489 CE. Upon the death of Sikandar Lodi in 1517 CE, his son Ibrahim Lodi built this majestic tomb in remembrance of his father. It took around one year to complete this fascinating octagonal tomb which was partially inspired by the tomb of Muhammad Shah which also resides in the Lodi garden along with other historical monuments like Bara Gumbad and Shish Gumbad.

Getting there

The nearest metro station to Lodi Tomb is Jor Bagh metro station. After reaching there exit from gate no. 2, from where it is just a matter of 5 min walk to this incredible tourist attraction.

Things to do in and around

To make the best out of a holiday tour in Delhi, Lodi Tomb is a perfect place to go to for the tourist having a keen interest in the fascinating mughal architecture and the amazing historical tales related to it. Apart from this, an area of 90 acres of the Lodi garden also covers other historical monuments like the Tomb of Muhammad Shah and Shish Gumbad. Whereas, Bara Gumbad is just 100m walk away from the Lodi Tomb. The immense greenery of the Lodi garden where the Lodi Tomb stands also makes it an everyday visiting place of the locals, who come here for a refreshing morning walk and to spend a relaxing evening admiring the peaceful nature. There one can see people indulged into yoga, , dance and music enthusiasts, family out for a picnic and kids playing football. The place with a fantastic fusion of heritage and nature makes it a fantastic place to indulge into photography.

Opening and closing time

The tomb is open for a visit all days of the week from 5 am till 8 pm.

Entry Fees

No entry fee is applied for the visitors.

Best Time to Visit:

The place is open at all seasons for the locals who come here daily to relish a refreshing morning walk. But for tourism, the months from December till march is considered to be the best time to visit Lodi Tomb. When the sun is not too hot and rains are not there to interrupt, one can indulge into sightseeing tour to checkout the hidden gems of Delhi.

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