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Delhi is the city with most Mughal era architecture, some remain tall, some fade into the oblivion and some succumb to the wrath of time. Minar in Hastsal village is one such unfortunate monument which has faded into oblivion. It is forgotten to such an extent that even locals of the neighbourhood are not aware of its presence. Believed to be a hunting ground for the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan during the end of 17 century. He is attributed for the construction of the monument which resembles the famous Qutub Minar. Referred to as mini Qutub Minar, the monument is today surrounded by hundreds of houses, shrinking the area of the Minar complex. The top two floors of the monuments have suffered the decay over the time but the Minar still stands tall. There was believed to be a lake around but with modern day construction all around the complex, the possibility of the existence of lake is bleak.

History of the Attraction

If we believe in the oral history then Hastsal used to be submerged underwater and it was the place where the elephants used to come to bathe. The literal meaning of the word Hastsal translates to the resting place of elephants. The area was a hunting ground of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, who commissioned the construction of mini Qutub Minar. The Minar was constructed at a height of roughly 50 feet, overlooking the area. However, over the time with the change in leadership, the monument was ignored by those ruling. Till date, the monument has nobody to take care off and is surrounded by houses. Earlier, the stairway was open for public but after damage to the top two floors, the entry has been restricted to the general public. Today, if you wish to visit this place, you would need the help of locals in navigating you to this place. Lost within narrow lanes of unorganized urban Delhi, Hastsal Minar still seeks help from higher authorities, hoping for a restoration to its former glory.

Getting there

The nearest metro station is Uttam Nagar East Metro station on Blue Line. From there you can take an e-rickshaw or rickshaw, who will take you to the monument or guide you to it.

Things to Do in & around

The nearby neighbourhood of Uttam Nagar is a residential area. You can explore the local markets of Uttam Nagar. Also, there are various shopping complexes in Vikaspuri and Janakpuri.

Opening and Closing Timing

The monument is open to all throughout the year. However, the main pillar section has been restricted to the public.

Entry Fees

There is no entry fee.

Best Time to Visit Hastsal Minar

It can be visited throughout the year, however, the best time to visit on any particular day is between 12-4 when the area is less crowded.

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