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Mutiny Memorial Delhi

Also famous by the name Ajitgarh, Mutiny Memorial was constructed in 1863 in the memory of the brave soldiers who had fought in the Delhi field force, both Indian and British during the Indian rebellion of 1857. It is a four-tiered Gothic style building made up of red sandstone with an octagonal base. The lowest tier of the structure has seven faces that contains memorial plaques afixed on the walls engraved with the names and ranks of the soldiers who died fighting for the Britishers in this great uprising of 1857, whereas one face contains the stairs leading to the upper tier.

Belonging to the British era, the Mutiny Memorial is one of the must-see places which shouldn’t be left unexplored on a Delhi tour. It was built with a motive to erect a structure taller than the Ashoka Pillar which is just 200 mts away from the main structure. The inspiring building of Mutiny memorial is set amidst lush greenery that leads one to the heritage trail starting off with the Flagstaff tower; a lookout space where men, women and children took shelter after escaping the attacking rebels in Shahjahanabad.

History of the Attraction

Mutiny Memorial was erected by Public Works Department at the expense of the government. It celebrates the loyalty and dedication of the Indian and British soldiers who took part in the revolt of 1857. The building was hastily designed and constructed, thus also gathered much public criticism after completion. In 1972, on the 25th anniversary of the India’s independence, Mutiny Memorial was renamed as Ajitgarh which literally means ‘place of unvanquished’. On this occasion another plaque was erected stating that the ‘enemy’ mentioned on the memorials were ‘immortal martyrs for Indian freedom’.

Getting there

Gem of old Delhi, this mesmerizing heritage site is located on the northern ridge about 500 mts to the south of Hindu Rao Hospital, which can be reached by bus, auto/taxi and metro. The nearest metro station is Kashmiri gate. Once reached there, Mutiny memorial is just 2.4 km away on Rani Jhansi road.

Things to do in and around

Follow the trail starting with Flagstaff tower and unfold the inspiring history of 1857 rebellion. Photographing this beautiful Gothic style building of the British era, while walking amid green garden is definitely a good idea to keep the memories intact. One can also visit the other famous tourist attractions like Ashoka Pillar, Jama Masjid, Red Fort and Jantar Mantar that resides in proximity to Mutiny Memorial. To experience the peaceful ambience, visit the Laxminarayan temple that is located just 1.5 km away. Lying not too far, there is Chandni Chowk which definitely makes for a visit for the shopaholics interested in indulging into thrift shopping. Other than this, if interested in witnessing the vibrant nightlife of Delhi, visit the nearby Connaught place; embellished with top rated restaurants and Pubs.

Opening and closing time

Mutiny Memorial is open all days of a week and visiting hours is between 10 am till 5 pm.

Entry Fees

No entry fee is charged from the tourists or localites.

Best Time to Visit:

The Months from October till March is considered to be the best time for Delhi tourism. Winter falls during this part of the year which subdudes the sun heat and gives the perfect climate for a perfect holiday spent on Delhi sightseeing tour.

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