Kane Wildlife Sanctuary Arunachal Pradesh

Located in the forest of West Siang District, Kane Wildlife Sanctuary is ideal for a thrilling wildlife vacation in Arunachal Pradesh. The sanctuary boasts being the rich biodiversity spot and calls out to birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiats to have some good time.

Spread in an area of 55 sq km, the sanctuary is covered by evergreen, semi-evergreen and sub-tropical thickets. It is one of the lesser explored wildlife destination in the state, and thus, those who choose to be here are in for some thrilling experience. Kane’s topographical variations and altitudinal zonation lead to the flourishing of a huge floral and fauna assortments and the sanctuary is home to 70 species of birds including white-winged Wood Duck and Rufous-necked Hornbill and a variety of animal species like wild dogs, gaur, black bear, elephants, deer, lions, panthers, small cats.

Hotels Around

There are a few decent hotels available near Kane Wildlife Sanctuary in Along/Aalo. The place has options like Circuit House, Anchal Samity Bhavan along with hotels Magsom, Yombo and Karbak for the visitors. All of these options are budget-friendly and offer all the basic amenities required to make a stay comfortable.

How to Reach

In order to reach Kane Wildlife Sanctuary, one has to first reach Aalo. There are regular bus services to Aalo from Itanagar.

Kane Wildlife Sanctuary

Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Service (APSTS) buses are available from Itanagar, Pasighat (106 km) and Moying (150 km).

Best Time to Visit

The best time to plan a visit to Kane WLS is during winters months of October to March, when the average temperature ranges between 15 and 21°C.

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