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Running Out of Ideas of What to Buy for Your Friends and Family as a Christmas Gift?

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Worry not, it is a season of miracles and your help has been sent to you in the form of this blog! We have Christmas gift ideas for all your family members and friends, specially for that one person bitten by the travel bug. So, now sit back, lend sometimes to read this blog on what Christmas gifts and holiday souvenirs to buy for your family and friends in 2019.

1. GoPro

GoPro Hero Black

We all have that one friend/relative whose Instagram pictures and travel tales are something we look forward to. What else could be a better Christmas gift for a friend/relative who loves to travel than a GoPro. The latest model of this action camera brand, Hero 8 Black offers the best GoPro experience so far and is priced at $400. However, if you don’t want to splurge, there is Hero 7 Silver, which has quite a good feature (its even touch screen) and is priced at $200.

2. Drone

Drone for Christmas Gift

A drone makes for a good option when it comes to gifting a traveller friend or relative for Christmas. Yes, drones make for a luxury Christmas gifts as they are expensive, so giving them away as a present beckon the person is close to you. While there are a number of brands in the market that make drones, the DJI Mavic is believed to be the best. Their latest model, DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is everything a travel lover would want. This portable drone is priced at $1150. There is another less expensive model too by DJI – Mavic Mini, which is priced at $400.

3. Gimbal for DSLR/Phone

Gimbal for DSLR

Photo: https://bit.ly/2NLrSrT

If your traveller friend/relative is serious about making videos of their journeys, this gift is everything that they need. Used for controlling the movement of camera and stabilizing it, so the video is not shaky, gimbal is a blessing for any video maker and also a unique gift idea. The price for an average gimbal for DSLR starts at $300 and for smartphone, it sharts at $80.

4. Gorilla Tripod

Gorilla Tripod

Christmas is the perfect time to show your beloved-ones how much they mean to you and it is best done when you pay attention to their small needs. For your traveller friend or relative, a Gorilla tripod can be a way of showing how much you care. Helping a photographer take better shots that are crisp and clear. These tripods are priced at an affordable $20-30 and can make for the best pocket-friendly Christmas gifts.

5. Powerbank


Photo: https://bit.ly/34ZNiXV

So, this one is not only for your traveller friend, a power bank can be a handy gift for anyone spending hours outside. But we can’t rule out the fact that power banks do make for one of the top ideas of a Christmas gift for people who are constantly on the run, thus, a traveller has the most use of it. A 20000MAH is considered a decent powerbank that can charge a phone up to 5 times once fully charged. The price of a good powerbank starts from $30 onwards.

6. Hiking Shoes


Photo: https://bit.ly/2KmLqkh

Now, this gift never goes out of style. A pair of hiking shoes for your daughter, son, mother or father. And what can be a better time to gift it than Christmas! What’s the best thing about gifting a pair of hiking shoes is that you can never go wrong with it; while on the one hand they can be construed as a symbol of motivation for someone who enjoys hiking and trekking; on the other hand, it can be a reminder for someone to start taking care of her health. A good pair of hiking shoes are priced at around $70.

7. Neck and Travel Sitting Pillow

Neck and Travel Sitting Pillow

Know someone whose work requires travelling frequently or regularly? If your answer is yes, this is the perfect Christmas gift. We all know the plight of long journeys where one is required to sit for hours; in this case our only rescue is the neck pillow along with a sitting pillow (also the most unique gift). They come quite handy and also at an affordable rate, which means you can provide your loved one with one of the best gifts without burning a hole in your pocket.

8. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Another handy gift for a music lover or a traveller friend, bluetooth speaker is amongst the best Christmas gifts we could think of adding to this list. These portable speakers make for a great companion while on a trek up the hill or at a small gathering with loved ones amidst the tranquil surroundings. They are hassle free and easy to carry, pair them with a smartphone and they become the best companion for your loved one. A decent bluetooth speaker is priced at $70 to $100.

9. Kindle


Photo: https://bit.ly/376QO4v

A Kindle is probably the best X-mas gift for a book lover, and we mean it. If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend who enjoys reading, there is nothing better that you can gift them on this Christmas, and in return, you can expect them to go all teary-eyed (of course, with tears of joy). A product by Amazon, Kindle comes in two variants – Paperwhite and the regular one with in-built light. The paperwhite variant is slightly more expensive than the other one owing to its advance features, however, I will say that both are equally good with some restrictions in the regular one. However, you can be the better judge as in what fits your pocket. The paperwhite variant is priced at $129 whereas the regular one is priced at $90.

10. Electric Blanket

Electric Blanket

Have college-going children or are they working in a city where the weather is always cold? What then could be a great Christmas gift idea to remind them of your love and care than the electric blanket. So, if you were confused about what to buy your daughter or son as a Christmas present, you now have the perfect gift for them. There are a number of brands in the market that manufacture electric blankets, in fact they are also available online with the best holiday deals.

11. Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

Photo: https://bit.ly/2Qjjkdw

One of the best gifts that we can give to someone is the gift of health. Be it a family member or your best friend or your partner, for us, their health is the biggest concern, and thus, a gift like a fitness tracker seems quite wise. These wrist bands are capable of counting your footsteps and the calories burnt and as per the product some more features are added. Fitness tracker make a good Christmas gift for anyone who either loves keeping fit or is looking forward to it. A decent fitness tracker is priced at $50.

12. Air purifier

Air purifier

With the air quality plunging down every year, air purifier is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. And thus, it makes for a great gift on Christmas, especially for your parents. With old age the immunity also weakens, thus making our parents more prone to diseases and allergies. So, this Christmas gift them good health with the present of an air purifier. A decent air purifier would cost around $80 or more but them it is truly worth the money.

13. Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

Photo: https://bit.ly/32II1Cr

First Christmas with your partner? We get it, it’s difficult to figure out what they like. So why not play safe and get them something that never goes out of style – Denims! My personal suggestion would be to give a denim jacket as an X-mas gift to your boyfriend/girlfriend because you can never go wrong with its size (which can be the opposite with a pair of denim jeans). Trust me on this, a denim jacket will make your new boyfriend/girlfriend be proud of your gift picking choice as well as your decision-making power.

14. Bookends


Photo: https://bit.ly/33MM9mt

Know someone who is a book lover but at the same time interested in home decor as well? Look no further for a Christmas gift for the home lovers and book lovers other than the bookends that come in many fancy and interesting variants. For a book lover, there is nothing more precious than a storage space that helps keep their books organized. Take my word, and buy this as a Christmas gift for a booklover.

15. Candle holders

Candle holders

This is another Christmas gift for home decor that you cannot go wrong with. Available in several shapes, sizes, and sets, candle holders add so much elegance to any kind of house, and thus they make an all-time greatest Christmas souvenir for your parents, boss, colleague or anyone else you wish to make happy on the season, and thus must be added to your X-mas shopping list.

16. Vase


Photo: https://bit.ly/2NMSlp5

An important element of home decor, vase, like candle holders can make for the best Christmas gift. Available in several sizes and shapes, they can be a magic element to transform a house from good to wow! When selecting for a vase to gift, an ideal one would be a set of two or three for the table or shelves.

17. Perfumes


Photo: https://bit.ly/2CKcZQk

Perfumes and timeless and classic gifts that are unmatched. We all love to smell nice and  want others around to smell nice as well, isn’t it? This is why a Christmas gift for mother/father/husband/wife cannot get better than the fragrance of their choice. The perfume industry is a blooming industry and it often leaves you spoilt with choice, which construes you don’t have to look for long to find that perfect fragrance. However, one piece of advice from me is not to research for this Christmas gift online unless you aren’t sure about the fragrance.

18. Handbags


Ladies can never grow bored of good handbags and some even like to create a collection of their own, so if you are thinking of buying a handbag as a Christmas gift for girlfriend, mother or wife. I say don’t think twice for buying a handbag as Xmas gifts for women (Pssst…there is always a handbag a woman wants to own!).

19. Sony Play Station 4

Sony Play Station 4

Want to make your kids very happy on this Christmas? That’s a silly question to ask. The solution isn’t though. There is nothing better than the PlayStation as a Christmas gift for your teen kids to see all their pearly whites. The latest one for PlayStation is PS4 in two variants slim and pro. Both have their own qualities and make for the best X-mas gift for kids. The price starts at $287 onwards.

20. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Camera

It’s true that smartphones have even replaced the DSLRs but nothing beats the charm of a polaroid camera which offers instant photos. These cams make for a perfect gift for your kids as they are pretty cool and give them the opportunity of learning a thing or two about photography. Polaroid Cameras are also quite pocket-friendly, giving you all the more reasons to consider them as a gift for your children.

There you are! We hope we saved your time and given you enough good gift ideas for your Christmas 2019. If you liked this blog, like and share it and if you have more gifting ideas, drop them in the comments below. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

These are the topics we have tried to cover in this blog:

Q. What is the ideal gift for a traveller friend/relative?

A GoPro, Gimbal, or a Gorilla tripod is the ideal gift for a traveller friend/relative.

Q. What should be the best gift for a sister, girlfriend, wife, or mother?

A handbag, a denim jacket or a perfume can be the best gift for a sister, girlfriend, wife or mother.

Q. Which home decor items are ideal to gift on Christmas?

A candle holder, bookends, and vases make for ideal home decor items to gift on Christmas.

Q. What is the ideal gift for kids?

A Play Station or a Polaroid Camera can be an ideal gift for kids.

Q. Which are the pocket-friendly Christmas gifts?

A neck pillow and a Gorilla Tripod can be the pocket-friendly Christmas gifts.

Q. What to buy a husband, brother, father or boyfriend?

Depending on their taste, a perfume, a denim jacket or a bluetooth speaker can be bought for a husband, brother, father or boyfriend.

Q. Which gifts to buy for your parents?

An air purifier or a fitness tracker can be the best gifts to buy your parents.

Q. What gift is ideal for a booklover?

A Kindle, if you have no budget constraint or bookends, if your budget is small, can make for an ideal gift for a booklover.

Q. What are some luxury Christmas gifts?

A DJI Mavic drone, a Kindle, a handbag or a perfume by high end brands can be some luxury Christmas gifts.

Q. Which are the best Christmas gifts for teens?

A play station or a drone can be the best Christmas gift for teens.

Q. What can be the best gift for music lovers?

A bluetooth speaker, if your budget is less, and a sound system for home, if budget is not a constraint.

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