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For all the night owls, Singapore, the city that never sleeps is nothing less than a paradise. Not only this one and only island city-state is economically vibrant but also its modern landscapes, brimming with skyscrapers and towering building, share sacred spaces with beautifully adorned Buddhist and Hindu temples. If dug deeper than the usual cliches, Singapore is the best places where you can get catwalk couture, just-released electronics and on-trend street brands at dirt cheap prices. As vibrant as it sounds and looks in pictures on the internet, evidently Singapore is the world’s hot-list destination. And to enjoy the best of the sizzling Singapore, have a look at the guided tour packages offered by Tour My India. Go through them and if you think that your dream holiday is just a click away, call the travel experts of Tour My India. Get to know more about Singapore by having a look at the blogs mentioned below; moreover, they can help in planning the tour.

Singapore Attractions

15 Best Reasons to Visit Singapore with Kids

Picking out the perfect destination to visit with kids can be a tedious task because as a parent we constantly look for safety, hygiene along with lots of attractive places that can keep the little ones engaged…Now, let’s look at it this way, eve

places to eat in singapore

Great Places for Food Connoisseurs in Singapore

Known to be South East Asia’s food paradise, Singapore has always spoilt food connoisseurs from across the world with its never ending choices of cuisines and food fares that come from its rich multi-cultural heritage. The country’s gastronomic s

Hindu Temples in Singapore

15 Must See Hindu Temples in Singapore

Singapore boasts of a rich multi-cultural history with people from China, India, Malaysia and other Asian countries living in perfect harmony. Around ten percent of the entire population in Singapore is of Indians, majority of which follow Hinduism a

Best Things to Do in Singapore

Top 51 Things to Do to Experience Singapore at its Best

Singapore; a fine example of flawless human craft is worth visiting, no matter if you are planning to arrive here for a family vacation or considering it as your honeymoon destination. As you must be knowing, travelling Singapore along with kids is e

Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Top 15 Must-Visit Attractions in Singapore 2018

A land with futuristic marvels and sky-kissing buildings, Singapore is ahead of one’s time. With the brilliantly lit lights that sway around at night highlighting its modern architectures…It almost feels like the stars have landed on eart