Tech & Gear

Updates and Tips on Travel Gears and Technology

Travel now is a hassle-free affair, all thanks to the melange of unsatiated curiosity and constant innovation. We now have portable chargers, speakers, power banks, user-friendly travel apps, and numerous gadgets and gears that have made a globetrotter’s life a cake walk. Now, we won’t get lost in translation and neither will our luggage in transit, and it is such a relief to realize. Today travel can be comfortable, trendy and so much more than what we can ever imagine only if we know the gear to pack and the technology to use. Therefore, we decided to dedicate an exhaustive section of tech & gear so that you have all your answers to what to pack for a holiday right under one roof. Find the latest updates on new technology and tips and tricks on how to pack right for different vacations.

Camping Tips and Guide

Important Camping Tips & Guidelines to Enjoy Safe and Pleasant Holidays

If you are planning to have an escape from the city life and want to bask in the lap of nature, plan a camping trip. Camping involves the use of caravans, tents, a primitive structure or even no shelter at all. It is certainly a matchless fun but the