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Top Safe Destinations for Women Travellers to Have a Good Time

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Women travellers have been on constant quest for places that can satiate their wanderlust but at the same time are safe and respectful towards them. Being badass and a daredevil is one thing, but at some point, we all look for places that are safe even during the nighttime and that we get to complete our trip in a hassle-free manner, agree? Well, thank god we still have a plethora of travel destinations that not only have low crime rate but are quite welcoming towards female travellers offering them an ambiance and opportunity to travel in their own style. Here are some of the top picks of the destinations that are safe and match the taste of any female traveller heading out to explore the unknown.

Melbourne, Australia: The City of Good Times and Amazing Sunsets


Not only Melbourne is a safe city for women but it is one of the coolest places to visit in the world. The city boasts a brilliant cafe scene and excellent opportunity for that sun, sand, and sea vacation. The surf scene is hip and the nightlife at the quirky bars is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. You’d also enjoy the scenic sunsets in the city when there is a perfect time to enjoy the best Aussie brewed beer while relishing the views of the Yarra River. Melbourne also boasts diversity in cuisines, it is in fact the best place in Australia for food. You can expect to have the best Asian food outside Asia here.

Sydney, Australia: A Colourful Destination that Doesn’t Let You Feel Alone


Like Melbourne, Sydney also has an inviting vibe in Australia. This city of the famous Opera House and Sydney Harbour, is absolutely safe for women travellers, of course common precautions have to be taken like you would anywhere in the world. Sydney has some amazing hostels, which also have dorms specifically for women. The city is perfect to party and the best place for it is Kings Cross (Potts Point). Post your night adventures, you’d also relish great breakfast in this neighbourhood. There is plenty of options for sightseeing; one would also enjoy taking a ferry ride to Taronga Zoo. The Bondi Beach is perfect to soak up the sun and gaze at that amazing sunset. You’d also enjoy visiting Darling Harbour, Sydney Tower and Bicentennial Park.

Bhutan: A Happy Country that Fills You with Positivity


I can vouch for Bhutan because I’ve done a solo trip here myself, and nowhere else have I felt so safe in the world. The country is unarguably one of the most beautiful places you could ever visit, therefore there’s no reason to miss out on this one. Bhutan is an ideal place for trekking and hiking, and the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery trek is something worth doing. You’d also enjoy the mellow drinking scene in Bhutan and the scrumptious food will enhance the experience even more. I personally loved the vibes in Paro, the place has some nice affordable hotels with a panoramic view that you’d fall for the town.

Thailand: An Arresting Country for All You Who Like to Party

Thailand Lights

Opposite to the notion that Thailand is an ideal destination for men travellers, this Southeast Asian destination has so much to offer to female wanderers as well. The perfect beach life, tonnes of watersports, trekking opportunities and nightlife in full swing are the enticing options here, and I see no reason why you shouldn’t be here after all Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. The capital city, Bangkok has a lot to offer with great markets for shopping, a Buddhist trail to follow and delicious street food to savour. For the beach life and nightlife Phuket and Krabi can be your best options in Thailand.

Ladakh, India: Your Escape From the Real World to a Fairytale Land


This Himalayan destination is unparalleled when it comes to natural beauty and of course safety of women. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to see in India, Ladakh can pass as a dream destination for any adventurer seeking some thrill in the Himalayan realms. Right from trekking to camping in the middle of nowhere to mountaineering and motorbiking, you will be spoilt for choice in Ladakh. The Leh city has a brilliant cafe culture as well, so when you are hanging upside down on a rock, you can enjoy scrumptious meals. There are also homestays where you can relish your stay while you explore the rich culture and hospitality of Ladakhi people.

Meghalaya, India: A Destination that Let You See the Society in a Different Light


I had chosen a different destination earlier for this spot, however, the thought of Meghalaya crossed my mind while editing this blog. Situated in Northeast India, Meghalaya is a state known for its natural grandeur, but, what makes this state unique is how efficiently the matrilineal system operates here with property names and wealth passing from mother to daughter. Thus, Meghalaya has a different way of treating their women and women in general. Not only you feel safe in this Northeastern state but you also have the opportunity to see society in a different light. Meghalaya is home to many beautiful places both explored and unexplored. It is home to world’s wettest places, Mawsynram and Cherrapunji. One can also see old root bridges which are a marvel in their own way. Meghalaya is a perfect destination to relax amidst the nature, enjoy spelunking/caving, and kayaking if you are looking for some adrenaline rush.

Bali, Indonesia: A Southeast Asian Destination Full of Good Vibes and Natural Beauty


There is no doubt that Bali is one of the best places for women travellers in the world. The prime reason it being safe even for solo women travelling is the region’s laidback and quiet ambiance. The place has a great vibe something that lets you reconnect to yours inner self. Bali is also a place to relish a beach holiday apart from a religious tour and a nature tour. Great body massages and yoga also await you in this surreal destination of Indonesia, and you must not miss this girl.

SaPa, Vietnam: A Heavenly Destination to Find Your Lost Soul

SaPa Vietnam

Although Vietnam is a comparatively a safe country to visit, there are places where as a woman traveller you’ll be the safest like SaPa mountain town in Lao Cai Province. This surreal destination adorned with rice paddies and forests is a perfect getaway for any nature lover. For those of you who like to hike and trek, there are many nature trails in SaPa that you would enjoy taking. Apart from it, SaPa is in close proximity to Vietnam’s highest mountain, Fan Si Pan, where any adventure lover can attempt summit bid. Other attractions around SaPa include Hoang Lien National Park including the Cat Cat Village and the Ta Phin Village and cave. In Sapa town, there’s a small museum and a modest cathedral. One also has the opportunity experience the tribal life in SaPa.

Siem Reap, Cambodia: A Place Steeped in History and Rich Culture


This charming destination in Cambodia which is home to the famous Angkor Wat Temples is indeed the best place for any woman traveller to visit. Siem Reap is known for its positive vibes and of course the beauty of its world-famous temple, it is a place to explore the culture and history of Cambodia. If you are a backpacker you’d enjoy staying in Siem Reap since the place offers a wide range of options, however, if you don’t mind splurging just a tad bit, you can avail yourself a luxurious stay. Apart from Angkor, you’d also be interested in exploring the less-crowded yet gorgeous Bayon and Prea Khan complexes.

Hong Kong, China: A City that Stuns with its Delightful Diversity

Hong Kong

Reckoned to be the one those countries with lowest crime rates in the world, Hong Kong is a must-visit destination for all, irrespective of the gender. It is a place where you get to see the unique site of East meeting the West. The city boasts one of the swiftest ways of commutations making it a travel-friendly destination all the way. Hong Kong also offers affordable accommodations – again an asset. The city has a great night scene, and there are places that invite you in for a great party. The afternoons in Hong Kong can be spent exploring the museums and art houses that reflect the diversity and richness of this amazing city.

We really hope you enjoyed reading this blog, but let us tell you these are few of the many destinations that we have in store for you. So, make sure you regularly check our website out as we will be coming back with more on women-friendly travel destinations and detailed information.

Till then, plan a trip to one of these destinations if you haven’t, and let us know if we can help you in planning your international tour. At Tour My India we offer some of the best holiday packages that can be customized as per you need and interest. Call us at +919212553108 or send us your query via email at and we’d be happy to assist you.

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