20 Places in This World You are Not Supposed to Visit

Hold Your Curiosity As We Take You Across 20 Places You Are Not Supposed To Visit

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While you are free to explore the entire planet, there are certain places you are not supposed to visit. From alleged alien facility at Area 51 to Tomb of Chinese Emperor holding dark secrets to Island which is home to tribe which refuses to mingle with others, some places on earth are not suitable for adventurous endeavours. Whatever might be the reason for us to not visit these places in the world, the truth is that they surely do tickle our curious bone. So, even if you can’t visit these forbidden destinations, let us at least tell you about them for your knowledge.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway: World bank for Seeds

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

If the world is supposed to witness any kind of natural calamity like that of destruction of all the crops, Svalbard Global Seed Vault would be the last resort for humanity. Located in Norway, this place has seeds of every plant, ranging from all major crops to fruits. The general public is not allowed to enter this building. Located on a remote Island in the Arctic, the facility is maintained by National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources. Stored at the sub-zero, these seeds would be our last hope in times of global crisis. Only approved researchers are allowed to enter inside the building.

Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China: The Resting Place of the Emperor

Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China

Buried deep under the mountains in China lies a tomb belonging to Qin Shi Huang, protected by deadly mercury. Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of China and upon his death, he wished for complete solace. He also requested that his tomb shouldn’t be disturbed and it has stayed like that for the past two millennia. However, during the excavation, many other Terracotta warriors were found in the neighbouring regions but the big hill, under which the emperor rests, has remained undisturbed. Nobody knows what lies inside, although, movies have tried exploring this genre through their storyline. However, actual facts remain buried deep inside the mountain and authorities seem to let it stay that way. Would we ever get to know the truth remains a big mystery for now.

Area 51, U.S.A: The Proof of Alien Existence

Area 51, USA

Do you believe in aliens? Do you think that aliens have already made contact with us? If the answer is yes, this place would excite you. Believed to be the alien hotspot, this place is off-limits to the general public, courtesy United States Army. In the middle of the barren roads of Nevada lies the gates which lead to Area 51. You will be welcomed by many signboards telling you that the area is prohibited to the public. It is said that nobody can possibly enter this area without the army knowing about it. There are cameras everywhere. There are many prevalent theories about why this area is off limits. One of the most prominent theories, which has also been picked by many movies is that Area 51 is the proof of alien existence. Other theories claim that Area 51 is the test site for many army weapons and stealth planes. Well, it’s too bad that we can’t visit this place and unravel the secrets.

Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City: Housing the History of Christianity

Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City

Mystery is an essential part of sacred things. Holy sites are often rigged with conspiracy theories. Vatican Secret Archives is one such place which is believed to house demons and proofs of extraterrestrials. Some even go further to claim that the pope is conspiring with aliens behind the closed doors of Vatican Secret Archives. But the truth is far simpler. The archives house important religious texts, handwritten letters from Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln. This is the reason why this place has been kept off-limits for devotees and visitors. These documents are an integral part of the Christian religion and social structure and the Vatican wouldn’t want to jeopardize that by keeping them on display. The place is only accessible to research scholars, that too after getting approval of Pope.

Poveglia, Italy: One of the Most Haunted Places on Earth

Poveglia, Italy

A small Island nestled between Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon, Poveglia is a part of a popular urban legend. Believed to be one of the most haunted places on Earth, the Island is as treacherous as the modern day stories about this place. It was believed to be the quarantine for plague victims and later on, the Island was converted into a mental asylum, where doctors used to perform experiments on patients. The Island is supposed to be haunted by ghosts of patients and plague victims. Daredevils who have visited this Island claim that the screams of patients can still be heard here. However, despite all these tales, the Island is a famous vineyard, thanks to the extra ash content in the soil. The vineyard needs ash content in soil and this Island is believed to be half covered by human ash. However, the government has been trying to lease this land in an attempt to develop the Island.

Lascaux Caves, France: The Story of the Origin of the Mankind

Lascaux Caves, France

This one is a little complicated as you can visit this place but there remains a certain section which is not open to visitors. Lascaux Caves are located near the village of Montignac in France. The caves exhibit the rock wall painting, some being more than 17,000 years old. The paintings depict large animals, plants, and a lifestyle which resembles the fossil remains of Upper Palaeolithic Era. The paintings are of important significance, hence the original section was closed off and what’s displayed to visitors is a replica of the original cave paintings. The caves were discovered by 18-year-old Marcel Ravidat in the year 1940.

North Sentinel Island, India: One of Few Remaining Tribal Lands

North Sentinel Island, India

While we have managed to destroy most of the tribes existing in the world, there is one place which is still hostile to visitors. This land is referred to as North Sentinel Island, a part of Indian territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The tribe which inhabits this land is known as Sentinel and since their discovery, they have shown hostility. There have been a handful of attempts to make contact with them, but leaving one or two instances aside, they have attacked the oncoming party. In the 1970s, numerous attempts were made, where anthropologists visited the Island, bearing gifts and coconuts. Although the tribe took the gifts, they never welcomed the visitors to their land. The Government of India stopped the missions and made sure that no general public can visit this place. A Coast Guard is deployed to prevent outside movement close to the Island. There have been cases where survivors from a sinking ship took refuge on this Island to be eventually attacked by tribal Sentinel people.

Snake Island, Brazil: The Land Where Snakes Rule

Snake Island, Brazil

Just odd 33 km from the coast of Brazil lies an Island which is dubbed as one of the most deadly places on Earth. A place you are not allowed to visit, this snake Island has got more than 4,000 snakes on a 110-acre land, which roughly translates into 1 snake every 6 square yards. There is an exciting origin story, which is yet not verified but it is believed that a snake was introduced on the Island by pirates who wished to protect their treasures.

However, a less exciting yet possible theory says that Island was part of Brazilian mainland 10,000 years ago but the rising sea level stranded the Island in the middle of Ocean. The snakes who were stranded here had to adapt to almost no ground prey, hence they evolved to hunt migratory birds. The most venomous snake on the Island is golden lancehead, whose venom can melt flesh. This species has evolved to be more deadly than their cousins in Brazil. The Island is often visited by the army who goes on an inspection to keep everything in check. However, the venom of golden lanceheads fetches a good price in the black market, hence some adventurers often wander onto this land. But you are not to visit this Island as the chances of you coming back is very bleak. Research scholars under the supervision of Brazilian Navy can visit the Island.

Heard Island Volcano, Australia: The Land of Fire and Ice

Heard Island Volcano, Australia

Even if you visit the last landmass of Australia, chances are you wouldn’t have seen Heard Island. It is one of those few places which are still a secret. Hidden in the clouds for 360 days a year, reaching this island is a danger and a privilege. As you approach the Island you would be welcomed by a gargle of Lava, justifying the reason why you are not allowed to visit this place. Only research scientists can go here. The place is so remote that the nearest town is 7 days away by ferry, which happens to be the only way to reach this place. It also happens to be the tallest mountain in Australian owned territory, yet mountaineers stay clear of this place because of the volcano on this Island. Truly a land of ice and fire, Heard Island Volcano exhibits the prowess of nature and how small we are in front of it.

Room 39, North Korea: Hiding the Secrets of North Korea

Room-39, North Korea

There is not much information available to the public regarding North Korea but in recent time there has been one term which is being widely circulated in Western countries – Room 39. Founded by Kim Il Sung in 1970, the department is named after the room which it used in the Korean Workers Party Office. It is believed to run a major currency counterfeit syndicate. Circulating fake currency and illegal drugs are the major crimes associated with Room 39. It is said to bring somewhere between $640 million and $2 billion every year. This place is one of the most well-preserved secrets of North Korea and nobody other than a few selected people are allowed to enter here.

Coca-Cola Vault, Georgia, US: The Costliest Secret of the World

Coca Cola Vault, Georgia-US

The world famous carbonated drink has got a mystery not known to many. The secret of Coca-Cola is one of the most well-protected secret and for the right reason. The $171 Billion company relies on its recipe and if the recipe is out, can cause a catastrophe for the company. Hence, they have kept the secret in a protected underground lock, which is accessible to only a few selected people on the Earth, which includes high-profile employees of the company. Even the regular employees of Coca-Cola are not allowed to enter here.

North Brother Island, New York, US: The Abandoned Island in the Middle of NYC

North Brother Island, New York-US

This place is off-limits for visitors because of one very odd-reason. The Island houses old buildings, which are on the verge to collapse, hence it has been declared off-limits for people of New York. Although, the history of this Island is worth exploring. A 22-acre land in the East River, the Island was used to quarantine patients with communicable diseases, including Typhoid Mary, in the early 20th century. The Island was also supposed to be the treatment centre for Tuberculosis, but the treatment never actually began because of World War II. It was then used as a shelter for war veterans and also acted as a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts. But it was again abandoned by 1960s. Since then, there have been many ideas about how to use the Island. However, it was declared as a bird sanctuary and visitors are not to visit here. The Island also witnessed the sinking of General Slocum and the bodies of dead sailors coming to the shore. This place is not scary or haunted, rather the eerie silence and nature taking over man-made structure is rather saddening and gives you a sense of the wrath of nature.

Dulce Base, New Mexico, US: The Secret Human-Alien Research Facility

Dulce Base, New Mexico-US

Search about Dulce Base and you will find a plenty of conspiracy theories surrounding this region, ranging from secret human-alien projects to cloning lab to secret army projects. The rumours date back to 1930 but it gained popularity in the 1970s when numerous UFOlogist claimed to witness UFO in the region. To prove their theory, they claimed they had credible whistleblowers. One such theory was that there is a 7-storey structure built underground where grey coloured aliens and humans work together on secret projects, some of which required human as guinea pigs. Well, just like other conspiracy theories, there isn’t much rational proof and the government has denied all such allegations. The base was maintained by the U.S Army and is off-limits to civilians.

Spy Museum, China: The Key to All Secret Weapons of China

Spy Museum, China

In the city of Beijing lies a spy museum which only allows Chinese citizens to enter. This museum exhibits the state of the art technology of China, including guns which look like lipstick, hollow coins which are used to conceal documents and much more. It is more of a power exercise, meant to exhibit to the population of China. This museum has been raising eyebrows all across the globe and many travellers and tourists wish to take a peek inside this state of the art museum.

Mount Weather, Virginia, US: The Safehouse of the US Government

Mount Weather, Virginia-US

Photo: https://bit.ly/2WcsGHL

If there were to be an apocalypse like Terminator or some movie, Mount Weather in Virginia would be the best bet to survive. But gaining the entry pass to this place would be your biggest hurdle. Designed to house all the government officials in case of an catastrophe, Mount Weather in Virginia is one of the most secure places in the world. It can help U.S operate its administrative and judicial branch from this secure facility. It is spread over an area of 564 km, this place has all sorts of facilities, including a hospital and dining room. But no civilian or unauthorized individual can enter this place.

Aksai Chin, Jammu and Kashmir, India: The Disputed Land Between India and China

Aksai Chin, Jammu and Kashmir-India

The disputed land between India and China along the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Aksai Chin is one such place where you are not allowed to visit. The dispute arose after there was two conflicting Line of Actual Control, one marked by Britishers and one by China. Although India claims that Aksai Chin belongs to Ladakh, China, on the other hand, has made a serious claim to the region by constructing roads in the region. Even to this day the region remains disputed with both the countries claiming the region to be their own. Nestled at an altitude of 5,000 metres above sea level, there isn’t much human activity in this region. Besides the Chinese Army, the locals who live here are wandering Bakarwal tribe, who often pass through this region. Apart from that, no other individual can visit this place, courtesy of military tensions.

Siachen Glacier, India: Highest Army Camp in the World

Siachen Glacier, India

This is hands down the most treacherous places to survive yet the Indian Army always has a battalion posted over the glacier. Located in the remote Himalayas at an elevation of more than 18,000 feet, the glacier witnesses some of the most dangerous climates. The glacier is the nestled between India and China and Pakistan on either side and serves a strategic advantage to the Indian Army. The place is off-limits to civilians and is believed to be one of the most dangerous locations on Earth.

Pravcicka Brana, Czech Republic: The Gradually Degrading Rock Formation

Pravcicka, Brana Czech-Republic

Pravcicka Brana is a narrow rock formation in Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic. It has been a popular tourist attraction in the country, but because of the constant corrosion, this place was closed to the general public. A heritage site in the country, archaeologist suggested that the structure is not strong enough to handle the extra weight, which led to it being declared off-limits.

Surtsey, Iceland: The Youngest Island on This Planet

Surtsey Iceland

On November 14, 1963, sailors aboard Ísleifur II, witnessed clouds of dark smoke, which they believed to be a boat on fire. When they reached closer to the smoke, they realised that a new Island was being born. Within days a new island by the name Surtsey rose 45m above the sea level, spanning 500m in length. The island was formed after a volcanic eruption and today it is being used for scientific research. The general population is not allowed to visit here and only a couple of scientists can stay on the Island. The purpose of research is to understand the ecosystem and nobody can plant a seed here. Surtsey in Iceland is the youngest island to be known to mankind and truly remains a mystery for all of us.

Chernobyl, Ukraine: The Remnant of Nuclear Disaster

Chernobyl, Ukraine

Nuclear disaster leaves its mark for a really long time, leaving the place uninhabited. One such site is Chernobyl in Ukraine. After the infamous Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster of 1986, the city was evacuated ever since then, the army has kept this region off-limits to locals as well as tourists. It is still radioactive and radiations are so high that it can be fatal if exposed for long. Although there are a couple of residents still living in the region, only scientists and researchers can enter this place, that too after official permissions. You need to carry the protective suits and masks the entire time you are here.

Does this list excite to venture to such places?

Well, you can’t visit them, legally or practically. We hope this blog is no less than a virtual tour. So, share this knowledge with your gang and make plans about these places, just in case you get a chance to visit them, some day (legally, of course).

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