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Discover the land where wonder meets; time hovers between past and present; the place where the hospitality is as warm as the weather, it’s beautiful, it’s vibrant, it’s energetic, it’s the exciting and fast-paced Malaysia; truly Asia. From traditional villages at Kampong to the sky touching buildings of Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia is an ethnically and linguistically diverse jigsaw puzzle. It’s rightly said, to love Malaysia is to know Malaysia. And to realize the diverse capacity of this beautiful place, there are no better tours than the one offered at Tour My India. The packaged offered at Tour My India includes guided tour to all the major attractions of Malaysia, admission to the amusement park, hotel booking, and transfers too. Further information about the packages can be obtained by calling the help desk of Tour My India. If planned a trip to this wonderland, go through the blogs mentioned below written by our travel experts that can help you to know the place little better

Best Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

Top 10 Must See Attractions in Kuala Lumpur

Perhaps many of you out there have not even heard of my country, the beautiful Malaysia, one of the countries exist in the Southern Asia. Now let me tell you, the city of Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia located in between of Singapore an

Langawi Islands

Langkawi Island : The Jewel of Kedah

I spent the last two years of my high school in the state of Kedah, one of the smallest states and definitely it has the hottest climate in Malaysia! It is located at the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia and is very near to the border of Thailand

Tourist Attractions in Malacca

The UNESCO World Heritage City of Malacca – Tourist Magnets

Sick of going to places with high-rise buildings and tired of travelling to busy cities in Malaysia? Then seek for an escapade and venture into the historical city of Malaysia, Malacca! Located about 2 hours drive from the busy capital city of Kuala

Top Places to Visit & Things to do in Malaysia

20 Top Places To Visit & Things to Do in Malaysia

Malaysia is often dubbed a melting pot of culture, and it is due to this characteristic the country has gained a lot of tourism potential. This Southeastern country is replete with several activities that can leave a visitor awe-struck. Right from op