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Updates on Environmental Issues, Awareness Campaigns, and Conservation Measures

The big blue planet that we all call home is a treasure trove of the extraordinary, exotic, exuberance and exquisite; it is a home to the rich wildlife and that of the humans which are no more than animals of the urbane. Sadly, our gleeful world is being oppressed by global warming, deforestation, plastic and industrial waste to name a few, and let’s face it, there remain more reasons to mourn than to celebrate in the modern times. Fortunately, amongst us live some environment heroes who have been working tirelessly to bring a change or rather to undo the changes that have surfaced due to prudence. Environment deterioration is real and alarming, it is not only destroying our beautiful planet but affecting our lives in many ways, and thus it is time that each of us take active participation to make the future safe. This section here is more than a space to update you on latest environment and conservation measures and mishaps as we decide to dedicate it as a column where inspiration is on offer to do something positive so that our planet Earth gets to live more and breath a clean air.

Top 111 Wildlife Photographers in the World

Usually, we give credit for the popularity of every successful individual to his skills but thank God I chose to write the introduction of this blog after completing rest of its part because it has opened my eyes to details that I saw in an impercept

Uttarakhand Takes the 1st Position as the State with Highest No. of Leopard Deaths

You know what the Northern State of Uttarakhand topping charts for, the highest mortality rate of leopards in the country. This news has not only shattered the hearts of wildlife lovers but is a slap in the face for the authorities as well. If we go

India Delights as 22 Gharials Survive from the Edge of Extinction

The citizens of India wake up to the good news of 22 Indian gharials safely swimming their way through to the beas river. These gharials were set free from the Chhatbir Zoo, Punjab which is one of the places the gharials are kept in India, kicking as

The Endangered Species of India: Look Beyond Rhinos, Tigers and Elephants

It is true that most beloved animals of India like One-Horned Rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger and Asian Elephants are under constant threat and often surface in the news. And there are many animal rescue operations and centres built for them. But let us not

India’s Asiatic Lions Fight Extinction: Population Surges 600

The Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat rejoiced with the news of the hike in the population of its Asiatic Lions. Yes, the critically endangered species that was on the verge of extinction some years ago now seem to be fighting back to maintain its

Conservation Threat: Leopards Considered Vulnerable in India

India mourns the death of 106 leopards in just 2 months this year causing an alarming effect to the conservationists around the country. The Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) reached to the conclusion stating that most of the big cat deaths