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Read and be inspired by the most heartwarming tales of legendary women travellers who dared to dream differently. Also, find the best travel tips and insightful write-ups to help plan your best women tours around the world.

Read female travellers’ success stories, find best women safety tips

The world is replete with women who dared to be ahead of their time. These unapologetically unconventional women and their courage to dream differently have made them a source of inspiration for many. Tour My India salutes these women of substance and as a tribute dedicate a section to the female travellers who weren’t afraid to break the norms and confines of society to hit the road and create one of its kind records in the world. Our section brings to you stories of the achievements of these brave hearts. Find inspirational stories; important travel tips and reviews of places dubbed safe for women travellers along with in-depth information on how to plan memorable and hassle-free women trip around the world.

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