Best Christmas Songs You Must Have on Your Christmas Playlist This Christmas

Christmas Carols: Christmas Songs To Make Your Christmas Celebration Perfect

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Christmas 2020 is coming and we can’t control our excitement. The joyous occasion is celebrated worldwide and although it’s a religious festival, Christmas has become an emotion rather than an occasion. While you  may not have started prepping yet, it’s just a matter of time before the cold winter breeze comes knocking at your day, singing Christmas carols. What is the festival without some good old festive songs? To make things easy for you we have prepared a list of Christmas songs for a memorable festive celebration. So, update your playlist, sit back and soak in the divinity and tranquillity the festival brings.

Carol Of The Bells – Pentatnoix: The Christmas Song For Eternity

Carol Of The Bells is one of the most famous Christmas carols and Christmas Music of all time and nobody, literally not a single person can claim that he or she hasn’t heard a version of Carols Of The Bells. A classical masterpiece, the carol is reimagined by the American Cappella group Pentatnoix. The deep and soothing vocals of the group will take you back to old memories of Christmas.

O Holy Night – Diana Ross: Celebration Of The Holy Spirit

On every list of top Christmas songs, O Holy Night is an evergreen, eternal Christmas Carol. The captivating vocals of Diana Ross and enchanting music will take you on a trip down the nostalgia lane to the best x-mas celebrations. Sing along or just sit back and soak in the festive feelings, O Holy Night is a must have on every Christmas holiday playlist.

White Christmas – Eric Clapton: Fusion Of Old and New

One of the oldest Christmas music of all time gets a new makeover by the legendary Singer Eric Clapton in his first ever festival album. The powerful vocals and the soothing music serves as a nice reminder of the wonderful time the Christmas Festival brings along. The guitar intro of the song gives the winter festive classic a new modern outlook, in sync with the modern celebration of X-mas.

Lonely Man Of Winter – Sufjan Stevens: The Sorrows Of Winters

I hate festivals, not because I have some vendetta but because what accompanies the joy of festivals is the vague, sorrow of festival being over. Sufjan Stevens in his holiday songs captures the vague yet overwhelming melancholic feeling that accompanies the cold weather season. Well, not a festive song as per se, but an excellent winter holiday song, Lonely Man of Winter is a must-have song on your Christmas playlist. Play it and relax near the fireplace as it snows on X-mas Eve.

My Old Santa Claus – Sia: The Allure Of Christmas

Sia with her powerful and bewitching vocals will make your Christmas celebration more special with her My Old Santa Claus. The Australian singer has a voice that can hypnotise anyone and there can be no better voice to mark your X-mas celebration than that of Sia. The Best New Christmas Songs of 2020, My Old Santa Claus is bound to be a forever part of your Christmas playlist.

Silent Nights – Katherine Jenkins: A Must Have On Every Christmas Song Playlist

The eternal Christmas Carol, Silent Nights and Christmas are not complete without each other. The choir singing Silent Nights is one of the best memories about festive celebration and this is quite evident by numerous reprise version of Silent Nights trending on Youtube. Out of every version, we have picked the best for you, the one by Katherine Jenkins. The enchanting voice will hold you captive and take you down the memory lane.

Christmas Light – Coldplay: The Magic Of Coldplay

Coldplay needs no introduction but let’s talk about their Christmas song they released in 2015. One of the most underrated X-mas song complemented by the traditional Coldplay music and Chris Martin’s bewitching voice is enough to make any song addictive. Christmas Light is an excellent choice of song to pay while you anxiously wait for the winter festivals.

Santa Is Coming For Us – Sia: Welcome The Santa Claus

Another modern festive song masterpiece of Australian singer Sia, the new Christmas songs of her are a breath of fresh air. There are classical songs and then there are tweaked versions but Sia has provided us with a bunch of new Christmas songs. Listen to this for the captivating voice of Sia and the festive joy the song spreads.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas: The Spirit Of Christmas

Another one of the classic X-mas songs to have on your Christmas playlist, We Wish You A Merry Christmas is melancholy to which most of our Christmas went by. Playing on the radio, while we decorated the X-mas tree, awaiting the joyous festival, We Wish You A Merry Christmas used to be the adrenaline pump for a festive celebration. The Greatest Holiday Song to be ever created, there are a thousand versions of We Wish You A Merry Christmas although, the one by Pentatnoix and the another is the classical one that are my personal favourites.

Jingle Bells: The Christmas Anthem

This is the song which represents Christmas for me. Popular on Youtube and one of the most popular songs for Christmas, Jingle Bells is like the X-mas anthem for me. Be it the top classical music or the newly revamped rock versions, Jingle Bells has always been and will always be the best Christmas song. Sing along as you decorate the X-mas tree or just lie back to revisit the childhood memories of the festival, Jingle Bells would be a perfect companion for your festive celebration.

Joy To The World – Pentatnoix: The Magic Of Winters

There is a magic in Cappella groups, the synchronised melancholy is a treat to ears and Pentatnoix is an expert at what they do. Joy To The World is one of their many famous Christmas songs that should be on every Christmas playlist. One of the best Christmas Music for the Holidays, Pentatnoix will surely make your festival more special with their soothing vocals.

O Little Town Of Bethlehem: The History Of Christ

Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus, surrounded by your loved ones and what better way to do it than by playing O Little Town Of Bethlehem. A song that narrates the entire story of Christ’s birth, the song will spread a sense of joy and tranquillity in your house, while you and your family gather around to celebrate the joyous Festival.

Wonderful Christmas – The Shins: The Melancholy of Festival

If you are seeking a song to cherish while you spend some quality time with your family, then the festive song by The Shins is your answer. Wonderful Christmas is one of those songs which will make your experience of the festival even more memorable. The deep soothing lyrics will leave a lasting impact on you and it will surely be permanent on your playlist.

Let It Snow – Frank Sinatra: The Celebration Of Snow

Christmas is best celebrated with snowfall and festive stories and this song captures this emotion perfectly. A song about the festivity and celebration, the deep vocals will hold you captive as you celebrate the winter festival with your loved ones.

Winter Wonderland – Michael Buble: The Beauty of the Festival

The Canadian singer Michael Buble adds another lifeline to the classic Winter Wonderland with his powerful vocals. The deep soothing melancholy of Michael Buble is a festive trance for your ears as you prep to welcome the festive season. A perfect song to accompany you in the winter festive season, Winter Wonderland would make your Christmas celebration more joyous than ever.

Last Christmas- Wham: Reminiscent of Childhood

English duo singers Wham are no less than magicians who spread magic through their mesmerising vocals and Last Christmas is no exception. The powerful vocals backed by mesmerising tunes will make your winter festive celebration all the more special.

Here Comes Santa Claus – Gene Autry: The One With The Old Memories

If you want some old yet gold charm of the Christmas, Here Comes Santa Claus by Gene Autry should be your choice. Reminiscent of our own childhood X-mas celebration, you can share your festival stories with your little ones while grooving on the tunes of Here Comes Santa Claus.

Did we miss any songs that should be on every festive playlist? If you think so then let us know in the comment section.

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