100 Best Christmas Decoration Ideas & Tips for Your House

Best Christmas Decorations Ideas & Tips For Every Corner of Your House

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Has the idea of decking up your home for Christmas popped in your mind?

I am pretty sure you must be looking for the best Christmas decoration ideas and tips. If yes, you are at the right place.

Christmas is that time of the year when you let every corner of your house boast of the holiday spirit. Be it the living area or bedroom, with the creative festive Christmas decorations you can make the spaces look warm and charming. No matter whether you are looking for traditional home decor or DIY Christmas decoration tips, the blog has got your back. So, take a quick look at these 100 ideas and tips for decorating your home for X’mas in a unique way.



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If you are wondering about the ideas for how to decorate your entryway this festive season, here are some of the tips that will make your entryway look inviting.

1. Go classic with red, green and white. This can be done with a few green garlands and wreaths, red and white stockings and cushions.

2. Try the unconventional decorating idea with a mix of black, white, grey, aged wood, soft burlap and a touch of green (either Christmas tree, wreath or garland).

3. Keep it green by using lush green garland frames around the main door of the house. You can even use fairy lights that will add beauty to the entryway.

4. For a unique holiday decor go with a wooden snowman on the entryway along with a Christmas tree. Make sure the snowman includes a black and red hat and green, red and black woollen plaid muffler.

5. Give an organic touch to your entryway this Christmas by using the pinecone wreath with a white ribbon.

6. Using a square wreath instead of the traditional round wreath is yet another outdoor Christmas decorating idea that you can go with. Cover the wreath with moss to give it an organic texture.

7. Dress up the main door of your house with a beautiful Poinsettia garland along with its green leaves.

8. If you don’t want to go over-the-top with your Xmas decoration ideas, keep it sweet and simple by putting a wooden table at the entrance. On top of it, you can put a metal flower vase with Poinsettia flowers in it, two small reindeer showpieces and other decorative items.

9. Follow a golden theme for your entryway. Use golden Christmas tree, wreath with fairy lights and some Christmas themed cushions.

10. Go multi-coloured on Xmas holiday season. Use the evergreen garland and decorate it with colourful galaxy ornaments. A colourful wreath hanging on the main door of the house will look cheerful.



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The living room is where you spend most of the time with your family and friends. Make sure the living room decoration for Christmas is cozy and beguiling that embraces the spirit of the holidays.

11. Ditch the traditional way and go with bright and fun decoration. In a sense, every item that you use for the decoration needs to be of different colours. When shopping for home decoration for Christmas, look for items that truly stand out.

12. Keep it rustic and traditional. A rustic coffee table would add much-needed feel to your living room.

13. Go for monochromatic that would look effortlessly classy. Decorating the entire living area with white make it look clean, bright and airy. If not white, you can choose to keep it wither completely red or green.

14. If overpowering the room is not what you are looking for then keep it simple by sticking to the basics that include a Christmas tree, few cozy and scented candles and some garland.

15. Want to keep it affordable? Then give a touch of DIY that will give you an opportunity to show off your crafty side. You can either weave a tapestry that will be the centrepiece of your living room decor, a washi tape Christmas tree, a ladder draped with fairy lights placed above a white fuzzy rug and some ornaments and stars in an around the ladder.

16. Consider a minimalistic Christmas decor which might look under-decorated but the beauty will be in small details. The lush evergreen accents and candle glow are enough to give the right Christmas feel to your living room.

17. Give a metallic look to your living room by using more of gold and silvers that will add a bit of seasonal glam.

18. Embrace the Scandinavian style by using only two colours for your living room Christmas decoration and avoid using knick knacks in the space.

19. Give your living room a beachy feel by using more blues and greens all around. This would be a wonderful reprieve from the chilly season only if you want to try something different and unique from the monotonous Christmas decoration for your house.

20. Make your living room look eco-friendly by using scrap ribbon tree, recycled paper hanging baubles, rustic twig candle holders, a wreath made of old greeting cards and more.

21. Let red colour play the role and bring holiday cheers to the living space. Plaid pillows, a teapot, lanterns, and vintage Santa mugs, everything that you use, keep all in red.

22. Keep it warm and cozy by following the red and white theme. Use faux fur throws on the chairs and sofas, antler candlesticks, a Christmas tree with ornaments and fairy lights.

23. Decorate in the most rustic way by using a lot of pine cones shaped lights on the Christmas trees, rustic twig candle holders and more.

24. Use all the plaid accessories for your living room. Right from the ribbon on the Christmas tree to the rug on the floor, from cushions to the sofa, keep a uniting plaid theme for your living area.

25. It is by the fireplace in the living room where most of the time is spent with family and friends. So dress up the mantel with everything including red and white candles, garland, reindeer showpiece etc.

26. Embrace nature to the fullest by using much green in the room that can include garland all around the room and wreaths.

27. Keep it elegant by using berry wreaths and garland that gives a pop of colour to the living room.



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While you focus on the entryway and living room of your house, you can’t overlook the kitchen- ‘the heart of the home.’ So here are some of the decorating ideas for Christmas that you can choose from to give all the attention to the kitchen it deserves.

28. To keep it minimal, decorate the chairs in your kitchen with elegant red ribbon and fir branches.

29. Deck up the window of your kitchen by hanging some with ornaments and greenery for a gorgeous holiday look.

30. You can use Fraser fir and candlesticks to dress up the kitchen tables.

31. Wreaths are not only meant for the entryway, but you can also hang a pair of wreaths either on your kitchen windows or anywhere else in the kitchen.

32. Christmas is the time when you can bring your dish rack to life by showcasing red and white plates, cups, spoons, egg beater and other equipment.

33. Enhance the look of your kitchen with an eye-catching floral arrangement all around the kitchen along with white candles.

34. Replace the old potholders/oven gloves with the designs that best fit the festive season including red and white stripes to snowflakes.

35. Use a red and white doormat that would add warmth to your kitchen and make the space look welcoming.

36. Set up a cozy environment with yellow Christmas lights and pillar candles that will give a golden glow to your kitchen.

37. Hang garland from the ceiling of your kitchen along with other festive plants.

38. Who said Christmas tree should only be placed in the living room? Have one in the kitchen too and place it at any corner in the kitchen.

39. Hang a festive slogan anywhere in the kitchen like a simple ‘Noel’ will do all the magic.

40. Keep it simple with small tree cutouts, Christmas lights and white candles.



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Often bedroom remains left out when decorating your home for Christmas. So, here are some of the best bedroom decorating tips for Christmas that will let you decorate and bring holiday vibes in your your personal sanctuary without any limitation.

41. If you don’t feel like using string lights, scattering candles all around the room would be an amazing idea.

42. If you are blessed enough to have exposed beams in your room, make the best use of them. A frosty sparkle fern garland on these beams would give a wintery feel on Christmas. If not this, you can go with the traditional evergreen garland.

43. Drape the headboard with garland and twinkling lights and some pine cones.

44. Give your room a classic look with red tartan pillows and cushions and faux fur bed throw. Light up some glass candles all around the room and you are all set with the cozy bedroom decoration.

45. Spread the festive season pop in your room with a wreath on the wall, plaid pillows and a red bed throw. You can even place reindeer showpieces at bedside tables.

46. Try a pretty pink theme in your room which includes pink cushions and pillows, pink bed throw, pink string lights.

47. Keep it golden, merry and bright. Use golden string lights all over including the garland, the headboard and wherever you wish to.

48. Short on space and long on homemade easy Christmas decor? Make a tree out of string lights on the wall of your room.

49. Keep it simple with just an unadorned wreath on the wall over the headboard.

50. If you have a poster bed in your room, wrap festive garland and fairy lights all around them.

51. Keep a mini Christmas tree at the corner of the room and decorate it with ornaments and lights.

52. Hang simple wreaths on each wall and windows of the room.

53. If you are lucky to have a chandelier in the room, wrap it up with the green garland.

54. Stack the shelves in your room with mini goodies like cute red lantern, Christmas tree, galaxy ornaments, reindeer statue and more.

55. To go maximalist use a Christmas bed sheet/bed skirt, pillows, cushions, wreath, Christmas tree at the bedside, garland.

56. Running out of tree space to hang your favourite ornaments? Bring it to the room and hang it on the headboard.



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If you’re stuck with the idea of how to decorate your kids room for Christmas, here are some of the adorable ideas to transform your kids room into a fairy-tale.

57. To keep it the traditional red and white decorate the room beautifully with stockings, stuffed toys and Christmas bells.

58. Try lilac and pink theme for decorating the room. If not this, you can choose the combination of two different colours of your kid’s choice.

59. To keep it minimal, hang a cute garland of small stockings above the headboard. For the bed and pillows use holiday prints.

60. Overload it with toys and trust me, your child will be delighted as soon as he/she will step inside the room.

61. Keep it red. In the sense, whatever item you use to decorate should be in red including Santa bedding and carpet. Rest garland and wreath with red berries will make the room look ‘WOW.’

62. If you don’t want to go over the top and keep it simple and sober, you can opt for sticker Christmas tree.

63. Use bunting and fairy lights all over the room.

64. If your kids are not fond of colours, you can simply put a Christmas tree in the room and decorate it with white and silver ornaments.

65. Let colours do all the work. Whatever you use for decorating the room make sure it consists of bright colours. This will bring a sense of fun during the Christmas season.

66. Except the Christmas trees, decorate the room beautifully with fire logs and animal soft toys.

67. Go unconventional with the Christmas tree, instead of green, use a pink tree decorated with pink, blue and purple ornament.

68. Use only string lights of any colour all over the window, headboard, walls and door of the room. I would suggest to use either pink, white or yellow string lights.

69. Replace the traditional stocking decoration with pails painted in fun and vibrant colours.

70. Follow a white Christmas Theme for which you can paint a vintage chair white and surround it with white soft and plush animals.



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While decorating your house for Christmas, don’t forget the staircase.

71. Go for a frosty holiday stair decoration. For this all your need is with snow dusted garland and white roses.

72. Use the decorating items that complements the decoration of the living room.

73. Let Poinsettia pots lead the way. Along with it you can use garland with Poinsettia flowers all over the guardrail of the stairs.

74. Keep it simple with forest green garland and pine cones.

75. Line the steps with warm pillar candles giving a warm welcoming feel to your house.

76. Use a garland with Christmas light weaved in it. This will make your house look more festive.

77. Use marquee lights with any Christmas slogan. This will give the stairs of your house a holiday theatrics.

78. Use garland all over the guardrail and hang a simple knit stocking with ornaments at the end of the banister.

79. Forget the traditional garland and go for a needle pine garland. This will make the banister look unique and much fuller.

80. Wrap your favorite festive ribbon all around the garden to put it at the guardrail of the stairs.



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The decoration outside the house surely lift the Christmas spirit. So, take a look at these holiday decorating tips that can make your house stand unique and gorgeous.

81. Warm the columns on the front of your house with garland and ornaments attached to it.

82. Bring coziness to the backyard of the house. You can use plenty of cushions, plush throws on the sitting arrangements near the firepit. Hanging string lights from one end to the other will give a stylish look to space.

83. Fank the main door of the house with lots of lanterns with real and flameless candles.

84. To keep it simple, put white pots with green plants with lanterns outside the house.

85. Spread pine cones and cones everywhere. Make pine cone garland frame for the main door of your house. If you are bored of hanging a green wreath on the door, opt for a door hanging made of pinecone.

86. How about DIY lights for outside the house? If your door is brightly coloured, curate some of the lights matching it while others on-theme for Christmas.

87. To make the outside area of the house look sophisticated and subtle, decorate it with flowers of your choice.

88. Let your Christmas tree sit on your front yard and decorate it with ornaments and fairy lights. Also, you can surround the tree with some lanterns.

89. For a classic outdoor decoration, use fairy lights as much as you can. You can even make a wreath with fairy lights.

90. Let wreaths and lanterns create the festive spark. If you have trees at the outside area of the house, you can hang some lanterns there as well.



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The star attraction of Christmas deserves all the attention when it comes to decoration. If you are wondering about what to buy and shopping tips for your Christmas tree, here are some of the points that will let you make your tree look stunning in the best possible way.

91. Use classic elements like vintage ornaments along with angel and star tree toppers.

92. Opt for homemade citrus ornaments and pair them with fairy lights.

93. Embrace the traditional decoration with cranberry garland, plaid bow, clip-on candlesticks and tartan ornaments.

94. Keep it white, simple and classy. In a sense, a white spruce tree decorated with pastel baubles and other ornaments are all that you need to make your Christmas tree look gorgeous.

95. Keep it navy and gold. For this you can use navy poinsettias and golden ribbon on your tree along with fairy lights.

96. Use white poinsettias, white ribbon and white string lights for decorating your tree.

97. Make it look sweet and sugary by using candy galore, lollipop ornaments and peppermint baubles.

98. Give a simple rustic look to your tree by using milk cap ornaments and metal star tree topper.

99. Give a black and white feel to your Christmas tree with warm white lights, black and white signage and wooden snowflakes.

100. Make your tree look full with soft and fluffy feathers. Doing so will add extra texture to your tree.

I hope by now you must have picked a few tips on how to decorate your home for Christmas. No matter what ideas you choose, the purpose should be to think out of the box, have fun and bring your family and friends closer during the festive season. Enjoy and have a Blessed Christmas!

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