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Let’s Go for a Sleepcation!

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Everybody is troubled by sleep these days, and the problem seems to be increasing with each passing day. An inadequate night’s sleep makes one look like a walking zombie the next day. Red eyes, slurred speech and an irritated mind, it’s clear that you’ve missed out on a lot of zzzsss. A good night’s sleep is now looked upon as a luxury, one that only a privileged few have a regular access to. Everybody knows the importance of a good night’s sleep, and yet, very few manage to sleep the healthy recommended hours. What is the solution then? Sleep vacations! As ridiculous as it may sound, or not, there are hotels and resorts that allow you to spend your time relaxing and unwinding by sleeping. How do they do this? By creating an environment conducive to sleep and relaxation. Every minor detail plays a major part in it, and together, they enable you to go into a deep slumber. Yes, there are such places that draw the stressed out, sleep deprived people in large numbers. Here are some of the hotels and resorts which enable you to sleep your stresses and worries away.

Kayotei, Japan: Sleep & relax, the Japanese Way!

Kayotei, Japan

At one point in time in Japan’s history, ryokans were started as roadside inns for the tired and weary travellers. Since then, they have undergone a significant change, and have become a part of mainstream Japanese culture. In this particular ryokan called Kayotei, Japan, you are treated to the pleasures of a good night’s sleep. It has been modelled on the traditional communal bathing system which uses onsen (hot spring) water. That makes bathing such a pleasure. However, because everybody values their privacy, the hotel also provides private hot tubs to the guests. Oh, and there is an organic menu which enhances the quality of sleep. All you have to do is rest, relax and soak in the tranquillity enveloping you, the Japanese way!

Playa Largo Resort & Spa, Florida: Because mommy’s gotta sleep!

Playa Largo Resort & Spa, Florida

Insomnia is one of the leading causes of sleeplessness, but for many women it’s their kids. Women wish there were occasions, or in this case, nights when they were all by themselves to enjoy a good night’s sleep. What many wouldn’t give for someone to look after their kids so that they could rest wholeheartedly just for a night? Let’s face it, after all that hard work at home and at office, they are completed justified in doing so. If you are one of those mommies who identifies with the above situation, read on! There is a family friendly resort called Playa Largo Resort & Spa, located in close proximity to Miami, USA.

After you have put the kids off to bed and tucked them in, place the “in-room” phone in their hands. Then, tell them to press the bedtime stories button. In an instant, they will be regaled with some of the most fascinating stories and lose themselves in a world of fairy tales and magic. You are free now and can look ahead to a good night’s sleep. Wish you had the next day to yourself too? That’s also taken care of, as your kids are taken on an eco-themed scavenger hunt with the hope of spotting all the animals and other creatures mentioned in their stories! Talk about a rest & sleep vacation, it doesn’t get better than this!

Brittany, France: I live and sleep in a bubble!

Brittany, France

Regardless of what the others say, living in your own bubble is not always bad. This is especially true if you are sleep deprived and wearied of the city life with its hullabaloo, what you need is a sleep in the company of nature. That is exactly what Dihan Evasion, a family farm in Brittany, France offers. Here, a good night’s sleep means placing yourself in a bubble tent which is then suspended in oak and chestnut trees which are centuries old. You have to climb a ladder to get to the tents which are spherical in shape. Inside, there are mattresses and curtains which offer complete privacy. All this has been done to ensure that you have a great night’s sleep. You may not have anything much to do once you are inside the tent, but hey, isn’t that what you came here for?

Quintana Roo, Mexico: Zen to the rescue!

Quintana Roo, Mexico

People who are severely sleep deprived and plagued by aching joints, tired eyes and inner fatigue, should immediately visit the Grand Velas Riviera Maya located at Quintana Roo in Mexico. Once you arrive, head straight for the spa. Here, you are pampered with a special treatment which lasts for almost 110 minutes before bed. It’s called the Aroma Zen Bath Meditation, the panacea to all sleep related disorders and fatigued bodies.

The treatment begins with something called a float meditation which is carried out in a private suite. True to its name, your body floats in a pool which has been filled with Epsom salts. As you keep floating, close your eyes and feel all your accumulated stress melt away. To enhance your experience, the spa takes recourse to chemotherapy lights, which are designed to connect with your “inner chakras” and bring about an even distribution of energy in the body.

The next stop is the massage table where you are treated to a neuro aromatherapy massage. The essential oils used in this massage eliminate anxiety while releasing all the tension from your muscles. By this time, you will have drifted off to the most relaxing sleep you have ever had. When you wake up, it will be an altogether different you!

Bali, Indonesia: I am a baby, put me to sleep!

Bali, Indonesia

Do you recall with complete fondness those days when you were read a bedtime story and rocked this way and that, all with the purpose of putting you off to sleep? You have an opportunity of reliving that experience once again at the Four Seasons Resort Bali, located in the village of Sayan. Bali is a famous tourist destination, knows for its temples, terraced rice fields and others. Those reasons are good enough to visit Bali, but at this resort, you get a chance to bring the saying, “sleep like a baby”, to life. This is done with a spa treatment consisting of facials, body scrubs and mani-pedis.

In addition, there is something called an air nap. During the course of this, you are made to lie in a silk hammock which is suspended from a ceiling of an outdoor bamboo structure. Then, a Buddhist nun, with the sound of a  river playing in the background, will regale you with stories from Buddha’s life as she rocks you to sleep. If you have already pictured the scene before your eyes, why wait any longer? Oh, and this resort has also hosted the Obamas, so you know you are a part of something special.

Stockholm, Sweden: Sleep in this airplane!

Stockholm, Sweden

Some people are easily able to sleep in an airplane, others, not so. For some, air travel is the perfect opportunity for catching up on some sleep. If you are a frequent flyer but have never been able to enjoy a session or two of sleep in an airplane, here’s the chance. At the Jumbo Stay Hotel at Stockholm, Sweden, you get an opportunity to sleep at the very spot which once served as the cockpit of the pilots. Did you just read this right? Yes. This is how this former airplane was converted into a hotel.

The Boeing 747-200, was built in 1976, and saw its final runs in the year 2002. After that, it was hit by bankruptcy. What followed was the dismantling of the interiors and the removal of 450 seats, all of which was converted into a hotel consisting of 33 rooms, each measuring 6 sq. mt in size. Whether you are sleep deprived or not, this is not something you would want to miss, would you?

Pemba Island, Tanzania: Good night, fishes!

Pemba Island, Tanzania

You have seen fishes, enjoy their taste when cooked, and also keep them in your aquariums at home. But, have you ever slept in the company of fishes? The Manta Resort, located on the Pemba Island in Tanzania, lets you do just that. An underwater room, glued to the ocean floor, lets you rest, relax and sleep in the company of marine life, some 800 feet below shore. This lovely underwater room is located in the clear waters of the marine conservation area. To draw the marine wildlife towards your room, their windows below are fixed with spotlights. When switched on, you are able to spot even those animals which you would not have been able to do otherwise.

The special part about this hotel room is not just sleeping, but sleeping with a shoal of fishes. People who have stayed in this hotel room have witnessed octopus and spanish dancer sea slugs attaching themselves to the glass panes. If you have always been fascinated by the underworld and getting up and close with the creature of the sea, this is where you need to be.

Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica: Waterfall, hot tea, sleep!

Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another top tourist destination in the world, famous for its gourmet coffee beans called Tarrazu. Apart from that, bananas are the most exported item in this country. Once you arrive for a sleep vacation, make your way to the Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa. All the activities here are geared towards letting you enjoy a deep sleep. It’s a beautiful resort spread across 900 acres of rainforest, and boasts mineral hot springs which are heated by a volcano located in close proximity. The water is heated to a temperature of 105 degrees, making it quite comfortable and inviting. Just stand under these lovely naturally heated waterfalls, and feel its immensely relaxing effects on your body. It is also believed that this water contains silica, calcium and lithium, all of which are important in letting you have a good night’s sleep.

After you are done, head back to your room where you are treated to a cup of hot tea. Simply lie down and in a few minutes, you will have one of the deepest and comforting sleep you have ever had. The soothing sensation throughout the body is an indication of your muscles thanking you for pampering them!

Washington, USA: No noise please, we’re sleeping!

Hoh Rainforest

Been trying to sleep for over an hour but the constant noise keeps disturbing you. You wish there was a place where there was hardly any noise to disrupt your sleep. You think, do such places exist? They do, and right in good old USA. Plan a visit to the Hoh rainforest, located inside a place called the Olympic National Park. Other than its official name, it has also been named One Square Inch of Silence, simply because it is one of the quietest places in the region. This was made possible by the fact that despite being a national park, the air tourism in it was quite underdeveloped with no connection to roads.

In fact, the park is so famous for its noise free environment that numerous airlines have even rerouted flights to avoid disrupting the tranquillity prevailing in the region. Naturally, with all kinds of noise pollution shut off, both on the road and in the air, you are certain of getting a peaceful sleep. There is an icing on the cake too. The landscape which surrounds you is characterized by rainforests, lakes, streams and alpine glaciers, and all of their sounds come together to create a delightful song of nature. Fortunately, you are allowed to camp inside the park. Just pitch a tent and let the surroundings lull you to sleep.

Nassau, Bahamas: The ashram for sleep deprived!

Nassau, Bahamas

People, including you, may have many reasons behind joining a Yoga ashram. Some look for spiritual upliftment, some are after complete peace, while some simply want to take in the peace and solitude that pervades the ashrams. At the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, an altogether different kind of experience awaits you. Here, the sleep program is geared towards helping you get a good night’s sleep. In fact, towards this end, they have started a program called the Yoga of Sleep program, which is centered on sleep and the various ways in which Yoga can be applied to help you get a good night’s sleep.

The surroundings, on their part, play a big role in lending solitude to the entire place. The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks and lapping the sand create a kind of rhythm which is extremely soothing in itself. Inside, a psychologist and sleep specialist help you connect with your inner self and feel the peace within through an integrated body-mind-spirit approach. Gradually, you are able to sleep again, and any sleep related disorders you may have are also taken care of.

Phang Nga Bay, Thailand: Wonders of sleep technology!

Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

Technology has helped our lives in numerous ways, and we have benefited greatly by it. Most of the areas it has been applied to in our lives has only resulted in making it easier. Technology has also entered the domain of sleep and rest, as is evident at the Six Senses Yao Noi, one of the most outstanding hotel brands in the world. For years, it has won hearts with its brilliant hospitality, excellent amenities and the splendid experience that they offer.

Located in an area called Phang Nga Bay amid limestone cliffs and rock formations, the villas of this particular hotel have been designed in a way that they are high tech sleep sanctuaries. Technology is put to use in the most indigenous way here with the aim of inducing sleep in various ways. Under the mattresses, there are are machines which follow every body movement of the person sleeping, along with their respiration rates. Complimenting the technology are all the wonderful bedroom accessories: organic beds, bamboo pajamas, eucalyptus scented organic cotton and down blankets. If you are used to sleeping on a body pillow, side pillow or back pillow, you can request to have that delivered. Once again, as in so many other areas, technology comes to the rescue of sleep deprived individuals.

Skinnskatteberg, Sweden: Sleep like a Nordic!

Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

Sweden, one of the nordic countries in the world, has always captivated travellers, writers and thinkers with its fjords, coffee culture, northern lights, the royal family and the Ice Hotel. But, you can head to Sweden if you are in need of a vacation which allows you to rest, relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. A hotel called Kolarbyn Ecolodge, famously known as the most primitive hotel in Sweden, consists of 12 underground huts built in the Hobbit style. All of them are well hidden by mud and grass, and hence, allow you to completely submerge yourself in the company of nature.
Each of these small and cozy dwelling consists of two beds, sheepskin rugs and also a private fireplace. However, you will not be provided with sleeping bags, but who needs them anyway with such lovely accommodations right? There is also no electricity or water, so you are cut off from all kinds of distractions. But what is surprising is that this peaceful retreat is located at a close proximity to the city of Stockholm. Nature’s sounds will lull you into a slumber, and when you wake up, will be greeted with the chirps and songs of various birds. In the morning especially, the forest of Bergslagen is a particularly spectacular sight.

New York: Let them party, you sleep!

The Benjamin, New York

It is a bit difficult to believe that New York can be a destination for sleep vacation. After all, isn’t it notorious for being home to people who are known to manage without much sleep, and take pride in it? Well, when there is an opportunity, why not make the most of it? The Benjamin Hotel in downtown Manhattan offers a rest & renew program designed to ensure that you enjoy every second of your refreshing sleep. One of the tools they put to use towards this end are sleep enhancers, including ear plugs, sleep masks, blackout curtains and most important of all, triple-pane windows to eliminate noise from the outside world.
In addition, there are noise machines, meditation classes (which are available on demand), a music library with different kinds of lullaby, spa treatments, in room treatment and aromatherapy. They treat the matter of sleep so seriously that they inform you when it is time to put your pencils down and shut down the devices. To make sure that no stone is left unturned towards getting a refreshing sleep, the sleep concierge assists you in selecting the perfect pillow from something that is called a pillow menu.

Miami, Florida: Read yourself to sleep!

Miami Washington Park Hotel

Some people find books very boring, so boring, in fact, that they fall asleep within minutes of picking one up. The Miami Washington Park Hotel in Miami, Florida, gifts you a book named, “the most boring book ever written”, a book which is very appropriate to the situation. This is how this hotel puts you off to sleep in the most comfortable way. You go for dinner, and after returning, pop a melatonin pill, drink some water and begin reading a copy of the book just mentioned. Once you are tucked comfortably inside your bed, and start reading your book, you will be lost in the world of dreams in a very short period of time.

Pfronten, Germany: Make sleeping an adventure!

Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht Adventure Centre

There is an extreme version of everything in our lives, and sleepcations are no exception. This one is more than just a sleepcation though, as it comes with unlimited adventure that befits a true daredevil. If you are scared of heights, you might want to skip this one. If not, read on! The Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht Adventure Centre in the German Alps have set up designated tents that are suspended in the air from a rock face at an unbelievable height of almost 6000 ft. Sleeping at that height cure be the cure to many problems, if you think about it. These tents cannot be reached in any other way other than a rope. After you have positioned yourself comfortably inside the tent, simply close your eyes, feel the slight to and fro movements and sleep as peacefully as you want. Now, this is for those bravehearts who wish to enjoy an uninterrupted sleep while not losing out on the adventure in the process.

Trafalgar Square: Sleep amidst the commotion!

Trafalgar Square

London is not far behind when it comes to sleepcations. And it provides that experience to the guests at the busy Trafalgar Square at the fabulous Corinthia Hotel. Inside, there is a section of the hotel devoted entirely to sleep called Sumptuous Sleep Retreat, whose objective is to shut out the din and bustle of the outside world. The hotel took the help of sleep expert Guy Meadows to help develop a perfect sleep program, and going by its popularity, it certainly has succeeded in doing so.
The special menu of the hotel has been so designed so as to induce you to sleep. The food items on the menu are rich in magnesium and tryptophan, an example of which is the Loch Var smoked salmon which is served with baby spinach and walnut dressing. To make sure that no noise enters the room, blackout curtains have been installed which are soundproof. Turndown service is accompanied with pumpkin sea cookies and valerian tea. There is something called a Sleep Ritual which continues for two hours along with a gentle massage consisting of oils.

Loisaba, Kenya: Under the African sky!

Loisaba Conservancy

Even when you are on a sleepcation, there is no reason to leave adventure behind you. Take the Loisaba Conservancy for example. It is a wildlife preserve in Kenya which covers an area of almost 56,000 acres. Two rivers flow through it throughout the year, while the several abundant springs ensure that the area is home to rich wildlife. Inside this wildlife preserve, there are more than 260 species of birds and around 50 kinds of mammals. Elephants, giraffe, zebras, lions, cheetahs and others call it their home.
What does all this have to do with your sleepcation, you may ask? Well, that is where The Loisaba Starbeds come in. Like many other things in Africa, they let you seek adventure the African way. These are movable four poster beds which stand on wheels and are handcrafted. They are rolled onto wooden platforms so that the guests may enjoy the pleasures of sleeping under the clear African sky. You sleep in the arms of nature, surrounded by nature on all sides, with the star dotted sky greeting you all the while.

Canyon Ranch, Arizona

Canyon Ranch, Arizona

At the Canyon Ranch in Arizona, USA, the hosts take their sleep quite seriously, So much so, in fact, that at the spa, you come across a pillow menu. If you are troubled by regular sleep problems and wish to take care of them, this is where you need to be headed to. In fact, the managing director of the entire set up, Param Dedhia, suggests that the guests share their hour by hour activity with him, so as to help them create a perfect sleep program. During the course of their stay, you can volunteer for a sleep study. You can choose to do this either in the comfort and privacy of their rooms or in a sleep lab which can be located anywhere in the property. All this is done with the objective of determining any kind of medical conditions inside your body, from sleep apnea to teeth grinding. After going through the results, certain exercises and meditations are taught to help you sleep better in the future.

So there it is! All the fine places in the world where you can set off or a sleepcation. Those tired eyes and weary bodies need a change, an escape to places which let you enjoy a vacation where all you do is sleep, rest and relax.

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