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Travel to Maldives to witness the stunning white-sand beaches and the amazing underwater world. Get the best Maldives Tour Package to experience a true holiday of a lifetime.

Maldives Tourism- Explore Tourist Places, Attractions & Things to Do in Maldives

Often the idyllic thoughts of luxurious resorts ripple through our minds when we think of Maldives. But is it just a myth to be called as a honeymoon destination only for the riches? Well, not exactly, with its growth and popularity, this tropical paradise has encouraged even the solo travellers to wade their feet in the sandy beaches. With positive vibe sailing your way for a much-needed detoxing vacation, you’ll be in for a treat when you explore the best of what this island nation has to offer. The island city, Male surrounds you by heritage attractions to the far and near islands of Maldives and prepares you to venture on fabulous refreshing tours. And to truly explore this diverse union territory, you can’t find any better tour operators like Tour My India. From land to underwater activities, the tour packages we offer will help you experience Maldives like never before. In fact, you can find everything you need to know from our Maldives blog section below that will help you decide on what to do, where to go and what to eat during your sweet escape.

14 Nov, 2018
20 Top Places to Visit in Maldives

Amongst the many beautiful destinations to visit in the world, Maldives retains ...