Horse Riding in Ladakh

Ladakh, the land of rugged mountains, cold desert, remote villages and mystic Lamas, is the highest plateau of Jammu and Kashmir State. Ladakh’s elevation ranges from 9,000 feet to 25,170 feet, making it the highest inhabited land in the world. The plateau is also bounded by two great mountain ranges (Himalaya and Karakoram) thus increasing the severity of the weather. But despite these harsh conditions and rocky hills, Ladakh spellbinds tourists with its rustic appeal. The region is a paradise for adventure seekers and nature explorers. From thrill-filled trekking expeditions to exciting horse riding, there are multiple activities that travelers can enjoy in Ladakh.

The fun of exploring the wilderness of Ladakh on a horse back is something that every visitor wants to enjoy. Horse riding in Ladakh allows travelers to enjoy the pristine beauty of the region as well as providing excellent opportunities to explore the culturally-rich Gompas. There are various paved and unpaved routes too in Ladakh that can be easily accessed through horse safaris.

Among the several places of Ladakh, Changthang is the one where horse riding is a major attraction. With a name that means ‘Eastern Flat Land’, Changthang is the land of nomads and is situated close to the Chinese border, east of Leh. The area is mainly known for exotic wildlife, bird species and crystal clear lakes and thus horse safaris in Changthang are quite popular among travelers visiting Ladakh.Another destination in Ladakh where tourists can enjoy horse rides is Tsomoriri Lake, which is a striking mountain lake located about 240 km from Leh. The lake is also close to Karzok, a small village blessed with breathtaking natural beauty.

Both the village and the Tsomoriri Lake offer wonderful horse riding experiences. Along with these areas, horse riding in Ladakh can also be done around Pangong Lake.

Enriching Ladakh tourism with its various jewels, Zanskar Valley is one of the favourite places to enjoy horse rides in Ladakh. Zangla, Penzela Pass, Panikhar Fort and Zongkhul, Stongdey and Gelugpa monasteries are the major attractions of Zanskar Valley that can be easily accessed through horses.

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