Patalpuri Temple Prayagraj

Amongst numerous Hindu pilgrimage sites in Prayagraj, Patalpuri Temple is considered to be the holiest shrine in the city. Located within the complex of Prayagraj Fort, earlier Allahabad Fort, Patalpuri is an underground temple which has great religious significance. As per the folklore, the temple was visited by Lord Rama. It is also believed that this popular shrine in Prayagraj was also visited by Hiuen Tsang - a Chinese traveller and writer.

The temple complex includes one of the oldest trees of the country - Akshaya Vat. It is a sacred fig tree that has its mention in Hindu mythology. The legend has it, there was a time when Lord Narayana, for a moment, flooded the entire universe when he was questioned about his divine power by a sage called Markandeya. During this entire scene, the tree of Akshaya Vat was the only thing on the earth that was seen above water level. However, an amazing thing to know about this tree is that its roots have created one of the shrines in the temple. Today, not just the temple but pilgrims also worship this age-old tree with utmost devotion and ardour.

Location Address

Prayagraj Fort, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211005, India.

Opening / Closing Timings

Since the temple of Patalpuri is located within the complex of Prayagraj Fort, hence, the timings of the shrines are also the same as the fort. The must-visit temple in Prayagraj stays open all the days of the week and can be visited between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Best Time to Visit

The months of the winter season are the best time to visit Patalpuri Temple in Prayagraj. Starting in the month of October, the season enjoys a cool and pleasant weather condition that allows travellers to explore the region to its fullest. The season ends in the month of February.

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