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Wildlife in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh gives an opportunity to the travellers to explore the rich flora and fauna and make the most of their wildlife holidays at its well-conserved national park and wildlife sanctuaries. The wildlife tourism in the state brings one close to the dense forests with a varied lush vegetative cover. The prime fauna of Uttar Pradesh consists of Cats, Antelopes, Tigers, varied Deer species, Wild Boars, Elephants, Rhinos and more. The state is even a home to bird sanctuaries that let the bird lovers spot a variety of birds including Painted Storks, Black and White-necked Storks, Great Indian Horned-owl, Jungle Owlet, Minivans, Colorful Woodpeckers, Saras Cranes, Barbets, Kingfishers, Bee-eaters and Bulbuls.

The Dudhwa National Park being the largest tiger reserve, acquires fairly large territory on the Indo-Nepal border and has species such as Tigers and Swap Deer that are worth seeing in the park. It can also be said, it is in Dudhwa National Park where these two animals can be spotted. Other than Dudhwa, Chandra Prabha Sanctuary is yet another important reserve in the district of Mughal Sarai which is home to panther, chinkara, chital, partridge and peafowl. Even though, the park is devoid of any member of the cat family but one can come across other species including Deer and Antelopes Chinkara, Sambar and Chital. Coming to Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary which yet another wildlife destination in Uttar Pradesh is stretched along the districts of Mirzapur in UP and Bhojpur in Bihar.

On visiting the sanctuary, tourists will get an opportunity to witness Tarai Panthers and Black Buck because of which the sanctuary is famous. Heading to the the City of Nawabs, Lucknow also let the travellers get an amazing wildlife experience by visiting the Martyr Chandra Shekhar Azad Bird Sanctuary which is also known as Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, boasting a delightful variety of beautiful winged bird species in India while hearing their sweet voices. One can spot Pochard and Shoveller which is found in abundance in Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary.

Other than these major wildlife reserves in Uttar Pradesh, tourists can make a visit to Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Bahraich which is blessed with natural beauties, the National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary along the Chambal river is rich in the crocodilian species Gavialis gangeticus (Gharial) and is one of the few places where one can spot Gangetic Dolphins. Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary which is a home to over 127 animals, 556 bird species and 2,100 plants, Okhla Bird Sanctuary which houses number of bird species out of which 160 bird species are migratory, travelling from Tibet, Europe and Siberia, Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary which is reckoned to be a place where Lord Krishna and Radha used to meet. Tourist visiting the wildlife will have enough of things to do while strolling in the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that will let one experience thrill and adventure at the same time.

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