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Cuisine in Uttar Pradesh

The cuisine of Uttar Pradesh is as diverse as its geography and has been successful in providing a satisfying experience to the travellers. Uttar Pradesh is one of the very few regions of the country has a generous platter to offer both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Food of Uttar Pradesh is divided into three distinct zones namely Western UP, Awadh and Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Moving to Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and most popularly known as ‘City of Nawabs’ has always been a favourite haunt of the gastronomes as the city inherits the magic streets of Nawabi Cuisine. Right from the renowned Tundey Kebabs of Aminabad to the Galawati Kebabs, the city has a curious way of bringing a smile on every foodie’s face. Other wonderful delectable of Lucknow include Kulcha-Nihari, Lucknowi Biryani. Not only the non- vegetarian food but the city has a wide array of vegetarian delight which includes Tehri and Nargisi kofta, Sheermals. The popular desserts of this one of the popular destinations in India include Shahi Tukda Prakash ki Kulfi in Aminabad area, Kulfi Falooda in the Chandni Chowk of Lucknow and more. Adding a degree of romanticism in the atmosphere of Kanpur, the Kakori and Boti Kebabs are the popular dishes here. Also, the 'Thaggu Ke Laddu' and Badnam Kulfi has earned a reputation under the good food of Uttar Pradesh.

Coming the western Uttar Pradesh or the Rampur region, the most famous dishes that every tourist love savouring upon is the Rampuri Rohu and Zamindoz which are by all means a veritable culinary delight. Also, the must-try Kababs of the region are the Pasanda Kabab and Shab Deg which is an ecstatic delight, and proudly forms a part of Uttar Pradesh cuisine.

Coming to the eastern Uttar Pradesh, the popular food that has always been on top of demand are the Tahri and Reshmi kabobs. Besides this, Murgh Musallam is yet another popular and most prefered dish of the region. When it comes to the desert of the eastern UP region, heading to the Mathura and Agra is going to pamper the tourists with its best of all. With the mouth-watering Kurchan and Peda being the speciality of Mathura and the irresistible Petha of Agra has been popular among the people all across the country. Coming to the drinks the most favoured one in Uttar Pradesh is Lassi and Rooh-Afza which gives a refreshing feeling. Last but definitely not the least, a tour to Uttar Pradesh is incomplete without trying the Paan of Banaras or the Banarsi Paan which is renowned for its taste and ingredients.

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