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Arts & Crafts of Uttar Pradesh

Being celebrated for its creative art work, Uttar Pradesh introduces the tourists to its long line of history and tradition. The contribution of Uttar Pradesh in the field of Art and Craft is indispensable which has gained momentum with each passing year.  Different regions of this state specialize in different art and crafts. Starting from Lucknow which is popular for Chikankari is a delicate art of embroidery done on fabric. Tourists visiting Lucknow can buy anything that is made of chikan work.

Coming to Varanasi the city is popular for Zari or Zardosi embroidery is one of the major manufacturing centres of handloom sarees in India. The rich golden threads are used for creating beautiful designs and patterns on sarees and other dress materials. Travellers coming to Varanasi shouldn’t leave the city without buying this important and beautiful piece of artwork. Agra, which is considered to be the hub of stone craft can clearly be witnessed in magnificently built Taj Mahal. On visiting Agra, tourists can explore hard work of the craftsman who beautiful indulge in the art of carving the thin marble slabs to make the lattice windows. One can buy marble products like the marble frames.

Heading to Mirzapur, Bhadoi and Shahjahanpur, the focus of art and craft by majority of population is on the carpet weaving. Upon visiting any of these cities, travellers can witness the exotic designs of flora and fauna which are adorned with delicate Persian patterns that looks amazing.

Hand printing is yet another oldest art and craft of Uttar Pradesh which one can find in Farrukhabad city. It is commendable to witness how the art has still managed to survive in this modern era of machines. On being here, one can explore how the craftsman work on the traditional patterns like polka dots are made by hands on the fabric. The city of bangles i.e., Firozabad will let one come across the beautiful glass bangles that appears to be fascinating.

Huge machines are used to create items like chandeliers, jewelleries, decanters, cutlery sets and small trinkets which can be purchased to take back home when visiting Firozabad. Earthen pottery which is yet another popular art and crafts of Uttar Pradesh can be found in the cities like Meerut, Khurja and Hapur. Vessels are embellished with beautiful floral designs and patterns which are fully handmade.

Apart from this, Uttar Pradesh ios rich in art and crafts which is not only famous in the state but is popular all across the country.  The hands of the legendary artisans and master craftsmen in Uttar Pradesh have been successful in turning the ravage into gold. Tourists visiting Uttar Pradesh for art and craft is sure to feel the heat by taking the first sight of the masterpieces that not looks wonderful but promises to grab the attention of every tourists.

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