Prayagraj Travel Guide

A fusion of history, religion, tradition, sanctity and architecture, Prayagraj draws the attention of pilgrims and heritage lovers. The city opens the tourists to a world of mythological and spiritual wonders. Situated at the confluence river Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati, Prayagraj holds the world’s largest congregation of devotees i.e, Kumbh Mela which give an altogether unique experience. Prayagraj is indeed an ideal place to visit in Uttar Pradesh for the travellers looking for a soulful escape.

An Insight into Prayagraj Tourism

Prayagraj is the reminiscent of all that is considered to be spiritual and sacred in Hinduism. One of the biggest cities, it has been attracting thousands of pilgrims throughout the year from across the globe. Also, the city is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures including the Vedas and the epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

When visiting Prayagraj, tourist have plenty of things to do and see which give them memories to cherish for the lifetime. The attractions in Prayagraj include Khusro Bagh which exquisitely portrays the Mughal Garden; Triveni Ghat which is a perfect place to find your spiritual side; Anand Bhawan which is a paradise for the history buffs; the Allahabad Museum which is a perfect place to learn about the history that add pages to one’s knowledge book; All Saints Cathedral which is built in a Gothic Style; Allahabad Fort which stands tall at the bank of Yamuna; Chandra Shekhar Azad Park which is also called the Alfred Park gives the tourists an opportunity to take a walk back in time. Other than this, Prayagraj offers the visitors plenty of things that make for a truly unique experience in itself.

Tourists can witness the Magh Mela which is held every year at Sangam, the normal Kumbh Mela which is held every 3 years, the Ardh (half) Kumbh Mela which is held every 6 years, the Purna (complete) Kumbh mela which is held every 12 years. The city also hosts the Maha Kumbh Mela which is held every 144 years.  Prayagraj has never disappointed the food lovers as it has plenty of options including succulent shami kebabs, roasted and juicy chicken and the most popular delicacy that is aromatic chicken biryani. Visitors can even go for enjoying boating on the water of Ganga; explore the rich literature of the city by visiting the Allahabad Public Library also called the Thornhill Mayne Memorial; and visit the Jawahar Planetarium which has now turned into a museum. Furthermore, Prayagraj being a home to a number of temples gives the opportunity to the discerning travellers to seek blessings at the Mankameshwar Temple Patalpuri Temple, Alopi Devi Temple, Hanuman Temple, Shivkoti Mahadev Temple, Bade Hanumanji Temple, Kalyani Devi Temple, Nag Vasuki Temple and Beni Madhav Temple.

Top Tourist Attractions in Prayagraj

Renowned as one of the holiest places to host the world’s largest human gathering, Prayagraj has a number of things to do and places to see for heritage and nature lovers. A trip to Prayagraj is left incomplete without visiting the popular tourism attractions including Alfred Park, Anand Bhawan, Thornhill Mayne Memorial, Khusro Bagh, Allahabad Fort and more.

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