Khusro Bagh Prayagraj

Mughals certainly knew how to build beautiful gardens, whether for religious or aesthetic purposes. The Khusro Bagh, located in Prayraj (Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh is an evidence of their refined sense of aesthetics. The garden is a historical site, and one of the heritage attractions that you must visit in Uttar Pradesh. It houses the tombs of Khusro Mirza (the eldest son of Jahangir), Shah Begum (the first wife of Jahangir) and Princess Sultan Nithar Begum (the daughter of Jahangir). All three of them were buried in this mausoleum complex during the 17th century. The use of red sandstone and exquisitely carved tombs are simply marvellous to look at. There is also a serenity in the atmosphere, a kind of stillness which is treasurable.


All the three tombs in Khusro Bagh are built in the finest traditions of Mughal architecture. The main tomb is that of Shah Begum, which is located in the centre of the garden. It is this three tiered structure built of red sandstone which is most prominent in the tomb complex. Besides two points of entry, there are two points of exit on the north and south side of the complex. What you see on the top however, is a false cenotaph, while the real grave is located on the main level. The tradition of adding a false cenotaph is common to Islamic architecture. They are added mainly for aesthetic purposes. On the cenotaph, you can see some amazing Arabesque inscriptions carved by the court calligrapher of Jahangir, Mir Abdullah Mushkin Qalam.

The second tomb is the mausoleum of Shah Begum’s daughter, Nithar Begum. This tomb was built under her orders between 1624 and 1625 AD. In terms of architectural beauty, it is the best among the three tombs. It is a two-storeyed structure built in red sandstone. The lower level, which houses the grave, is approachable through a doorway which is carved within the plinth. In the upper level, you come across some amazing frescoes belonging to the Mughal period.

The third tomb, although much simpler than the other two, is that of Khusro Mirza, the eldest son of Emperor Jahangir. Consisting of a single story, it is built in red sandstone and adorned with lovely inscriptions and frescoes. There is a grave located right next to the tomb which is believed to be that of his mare.

Interesting Facts
  • Khusro Bagh served as the headquarters of the revolting sepoys under Maulvi Liaquat Ali during the Indian Revolt of 1857.
  • The grave which is located next to Khusro’s tomb is believed to be that of his mare.
Entry Fee

You don’t have to pay an entry fee to visit Khusro Bagh. Entry is free for both domestic and international tourists.

Best Time to Visit

Khusro Bagh, located in Prayagraj (Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh, can be visited throughout the year. With that being said, the best time to visit it entirely depends on you. If you decide to visit it during the summer, remember that it can quite hot. If you can brave the heat though, that should not be a problem. During the winter though, the pleasant weather creates just the right conditions for exploration.

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