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Uttar Pradesh Tour Packages

Sanctified by the holy Ganges, the state of Uttar Pradesh is a paradoxical destination in India. It is the same land, where Taj Mahal wins over millions of tourists every year making it one of the most popular places in the state. Giving a good run to the epitome of love is Varanasi, whose ghats and spiritual vitality beguiles believers and wanderlusters alike. Uttar Pradesh bathe in the charm of Buddhist sites, which with its magnificent history and monuments add richness to tourism in Uttar Pradesh. Offering itself for the sacred confluence of Ganges, Yamuna and the mythical River Saraswati and being the host of world's largest religious assemblage (Kumbh Mela), Uttar Pradesh offer such sightseeing places that condescends it to visitors as an unmatched destination in the country. The state is humbled by the existence of places like Ayodhya and Mathura, where even the Gods agreed on taking birth in the human form. Exhibiting a vivid collection of architectural marvels, demonstrating the brilliant fusion of cultural and traditional thoughts, it boasts a visual treat like no other. A melting pot of culture, the state is a peerless contender when it comes to gastronomic highpoints. Truly, Uttar Pradesh is the indelible mark of excellence on the face of a country as magnificent as India. At Tour My India, we aim at making every tour in India a memorable one. Since, Uttar Pradesh already have enough tourist attractions to flaunt, all we want to do is to make the journey through it easy and hassle free. We meticulously manicured Uttar Pradesh tour packages that cover the most essential destinations of the state. Suitable to all budgets and interests, these Uttar Pradesh tour ensure unforgettable experiences.