Dokriani Glacier Uttarakhand

A significant glacier located in district of Uttarkashi, Dokriani Glacier is also called Dokriani Bamak by the locals. Originating at the northern slope of Draupadi-Ka-Danda (5600m) and Jaonli peak (6000m), it is a medium sized glacier formed by two cirques. Dokriani Glacier spanning around 5km terminates at an elevation of 3,800 m above sea level. This majestic natural wonder melts and gives birth to a stream known as Dingad. The stream further meets numerous rivulets on its way, and finally merges into the very pious, River Bhagirathi near Bukki Village.

The trek to Dokriani Glacier is an enchanting one as it takes one through serene meadows and pro-glacial lakes situated 2km below the snout of the glacier. Dokriani Glacier is easily accessible, Bukki Village being the starting point of the trek. The trail to Dokriani Glacier features a mix of small and big streams, several ridges and a combination of rhododendron, pine, oak and deodar forests. The sight of the Gujjar huts is also worth witnessing on the way to the glacier.

Seasons like summer and autumn serve as the perfect time to explore the enigmatic beauty of this glacier. The most popular haunt for mountain lovers and enthusiastic trekkers, Dokriani Glacier offers the most ecstatic views of the snow covered peaks and an experience of a lifetime to ardent roamers.

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