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Best Time to Visit Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

Coimbatore is an enigmatic and extremely lively city that allures tourists from places far and wide. Featuring a moderate climate almost round the year, countless travelers love to explore and travel across this city. Summers here are hot and humid while the winters are not so chilly. In the Monsoons, this destination stays drenched in heavy rain. The best time to make a visit to Coimbatore is in between the months of September to March. During this time the weather remains pleasant and enjoyable, thus this period is considered as apt to plan a journey to this destination.


Summers in Coimbatore begin in the month of March and last till May. During this season the city becomes hot and humid with the temperature hovering between 25 to 40 degrees Celsius. The evenings are pretty pleasurable due to cool breeze which keeps blowing. The period starting from September to the month of March is considered as the best time to visit Coimbatore. Natyanjali Festival and Koniamman Car Festival are significant festivals which Coimbatore hosts during this time.


The monsoon season in the city sets in the month of June and ends in the August month. The temperature during monsoon ranges between 24 to 34 degrees Celsius. In this season the city characterizes heavy rainfall as it lies close to the green belt. This season is not considered as the right time to pay a visit as the frequent rains disrupt daily activities. Travelers who love this weather and the rain come and stay in Coimbatore even in the monsoons. Aadiperuku is one festival which is celebrated by the locals during this season. This festival is observed to pay thanks and honor nature for its grace on human beings.


Winter season offers a great time to melt in the beauty and magnificence of the city. The winters here begin in the month of December and last till February. The temperature during this time hovers between 18 to 30 degrees Celsius. The winters in Coimbatore are not very chilly hence they bless the avid travelers with a delightful chance of exploring the amazing locales of Coimbatore.

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