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Tourist Attractions in Pushkar

Both for its religiously significant epitomes and for its royal past, Pushkar heads the list for being the most tourists traveling destination in Rajasthan. The travel guide to the top tourists attractions in Pushkar is endowed with numerous temples that gives a spiritual touch to your holiday package. Relics of it’s ancients glories - the famous Brahma Temple, the Savitri Temple, the Rangji Temple, the Varaha Temple with other temples along, are considered among the top sightseeing places in Pushkar. On your visit to Pushkar, sanctify yourself by taking a holy dip in the Pushkar lake or feel enchanted at the Varaha Ghat during the evening prayer time.

But between the important sights to the Man Mahal Palace and Merta; the Meera Bai connection, take time to enjoy the tour of the town on bicycles. Relish the sumptuous Rajasthani snacks from the mouth watering eating joints, shop along the narrow streets of Sadar Bazaar and trot on a camel for a joyful ride, which are the must things to do in your holiday trip to Pushkar. Besides all these, take part in the annual Camel Fair and also the circumnavigation ceremony that’s organised around the Pushkar Lake, to gain once in a lifetime experience in the city.

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