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Best Time to Visit Pushkar

Pushkar is a lovely town cupped within hills on three sides and sandy dunes to trudge upon on the fourth side. The fascinating whitish blue temples lend an air of serenity in the glistening winter sun set against the rippling, silvery waters of the Pushkar Lake. The best time to visit Pushkar is winter season, when the temperature ranging between 8°C to 22°C makes it pleasant outdoors.


The winter a good 8°C to 22°C makes it pleasant outdoors. November highlights the famous camel fair at Pushkar where trade merges with fun, games, tradition, craft, jewellery, competition, man, animal, people and culture. Two things to be kept in mind are crowds and expensive accommodation. Availability of hotel bookings may be a hindrance so booking in advance would be wise. October, December, January, February would be great time to visit Pushkar peacefully.


Pushkar has hot summers and is an uncomfortable 40°C, very hot and dry at daytime, while nights turn a little cooler. The aridity preserves monuments but parches the throat. A budget visit in summer can happen but you need to remain hydrated, avoid the midday sun and use sunscreen generously to avoid sunburn. A summer evening amidst the humdrum of temple bells and prayerful smell and sight would remain a pleasant experience.


Pushkar monsoons are green, cool and rain fed. It is pleasurable to view the beautiful landscape centred by the vast Pushkar Lake. Plants, grass and saplings sprout up in various shades of green. Splash in puddles, or stand under awnings to cool your soul drinking hot tea or coffee and enjoying spicy Rajasthani snacks. The monsoons can only add to the fun of your journey.

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