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Tourist Attractions in Kota

Kota is replete with history. Some of the major tourist attractions in Kota are; forts, palaces, temples, dams and nature parks. The city is watered by the Chambal which quenches its aridity and add a sense of beauty to the place. History lovers can explore the mighty Gagron fort 90 km from Kota with a moat on three sides from river water. The midcity Garh Palace houses the largest fort in Rajasthan. Delicate domes, rugged ramparts and bastions adorn the fort palace graced at the entrance by the Hathi Pol. The palace of Abhera has a treasury of Kota style paintings. For the religious minded, Kota has a plethora of temples which can be visited. Shiva temples at Baroli, a temple depicting Ganesh as a standing idol are unusual places to explore. The Chambal banks also dotted with temples, which look even more splendid in the monsoon season.

For art aficionados the banks of the River Aalnia depict rock paintings. The Mukundara Tiger Reserve is a must see for nature lovers. For the more energetic and active visitors, Kota has opened a water park at Sawan Phuhar with a large pool to splash in and enjoy food at a bistro adjacent to it. Another highpoint in Kota is a Seven Wonder Park housing the wonders of the world. The pyramid of Giza, Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Statue of Liberty, and Rome’s Colosseum are some of the depictions in this make believe park. A replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge has been constructed to add to the fantasy element tourists in the form of delicacies in food, shopping, artefacts and miniature paintings. Kota will be the ideal get away for prime relaxation and exotic adventures you have never experienced. The beautiful settings are an allure one cannot resist.

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