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Tourist Attractions in Jhalawar

Packed to the brim with ancient monuments, be it the marvellous forts and palaces or the picturesque temples that never fails to impress, Jhalawar is an adorable city that dazzles with impeccable tourist attractions. Its vibrant culture showcased in the Chandrabhaga Fair and its vast history wow all who venture here, while its unique location at the border of Rajasthan, pokes its triangular nose to the neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh - is a highlight in itself.

Whether you want to delve into the history wandering through the Jhalawar Fort and the UNESCO World Heritage Site listed - Gagron Fort, appreciate the awesome beauty of historical Chandrabhaga and Shantinath Jain Temple, immerse into the relics showcased in the Jhalawar Government Museum, or embrace the old parsi theater - Bhawani Natyashala, this city has got a luxuriant travel guide that provides an array of things to do and indulge into.

Points of Interest: Must Visit Places in Jhalawar

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