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Tourist Attractions in Dungarpur

Founded in 1258 AD by Rawal Veer Singh, Dungarpur is blessed with some top tourists attractions showcasing the exceptional architecture in the form of its splendid Palaces and influential Havelis, that are adorned with an array of charming ‘jharokhas’, and huge walls splashed with colorful paintings that tells mystical stories of the royal era and also mirrors the lavish lifestyle of the yesteryear rulers. Along with them, the plethora of religiously significant temples are also an attractive display of the old times architecture brilliance, that allures the tourists from all over the world to choose Dungapur for an enlightening pilgrimage tour as their holiday package. There are various festivals and fairs that are celebrated here with much grandeur and vibrancy, like the Vagad festival, Amit gyaras etc.

Baneshwar fair is a popular tribal fair held in the month of february at Baneshwar, a small delta formed by the river Soma, which is worth witnessing. Being a host of historically significant tourism places, appreciating the tiniest form of artistry, strolling in the lap of the nature’s bounty and getting lost in the winding lanes of the past is among the top things to do in Dungarpur. If this resembles to your idea of a perfect holiday then planning a trip to Dungarpur would be a fruitful thought. Among the famous travel places in Dungarpur, a visit to the former royal residence - Juna Mahal, come as a pleasant retreat to the architecture geeks and history fanatics.

The Blissful Gaib Sagar Lake, harbors two more exceptional historical monuments, one is Badal Mahal; a splendid combination of the Mughal and Rajputana architecture style, and the other is the Udai Bilas Palace; which is now a lavish heritage hotel offering a royal stay amid the fine decor of the bygone era to spend your holidays in Maharaja style. Apart from showcasing the elegance and valour of the ancient times, Dungarpur also present itself with the superfluity of religiously significant old temples like Baneshwar Temple, Surpur Temple, Nagfani Temple, Deo Somnath Temple, Kshetrapal Temple, Vijay Raj Rajeshwar Temple, Shrinathji Temple, etc, that attracts the peace seeking travellers.

Travelling here can be rejuvenating if the motive of your visit to Dungarpur, is to witness the finest examples of the craftsmanship perfection along with spectacular sites of the Aravalli ranges and the serene lake, which can surely make one fall deeply in love with this place. To know more about Dungarpur, make a point to go through the bespoke travel guide of Tour My India. This carefully crafted guide is designed to give an extraordinary insight into Dungarpur, including the information on best accommodation, transport facilities and information about popular places to see, this carefully crafted travelogue gives an extraordinary insight into Dungarpur.

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