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Tourist Attractions in Bundi

Quite an offbeat but a beautiful tourism destination in Rajasthan; Bundi, is an inspiration to a lot of writers and artists. The muscular structure of Taragarh Fort and Palace scattered upon the surroundings, of the magnificent Aravalli ranges, overlooking the mystical blue painted town inhabited with simple rural folks embracing many interesting tales. Be it Palaces, Havelis, Lakes and Temples, here one can find the finest and grandest variants, harbouring in the lap of peaceful ambience. And this simplicity blended with the historical grandeur, effusing from the top tourist attractions of Bundi, make this place a must visit on your most awaited holiday trip to the royal state of Rajasthan. Being a famous tourist hotspot in Rajasthan, here one can find plethora of sightseeing tourist places like the splendid forts and royal palaces, which are seen at almost every corner of the town. But it's the Taragarh Fort that dominates the major sightseeing places in Bundi. Located atop the hill, the fort was constructed in 1354 AD with a purpose to protect the city and the testaments of the same are three tanks that never dries up.

Bundi is a like a drop of land that can be measured on foot. Close to Taragarh Fort, is an another must see tourists attraction called the Bundi Palace, which is famous for exhibiting authentic paintings and fascinating art; the Chitrashala. There is ‘Phool Mahal’ and ‘Badal Mahal’ that is sprawled within the vicinity of the Bundi palace, on the banks of a small and beautiful Phool Sagar Lake.

It is one of the best travel places to visit in Bundi, whose enchanting beauty even inspired the author Rudyard Kipling to write about it in his famous literary work. If tourists like to visit an equally beautiful lake, then a visit to Jait Sagar Lake can prove to be a rejuvenating idea. At the middle of this lake lies Sukh Mahal, that has an interesting belief attached to it, of having an underground tunnel connected to the old palace. Apart from these there are few other lakes also like the Nawal Sagar and Kanak Sagar lakes that has made Bundi famous for Lake Tourism. For all those who are enthusiastic about historical tourism sites and structures, can also visit Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri, a marquee supported by 84 pillars. Also, Raniji ki Baori along with Step Wells. Hence, while visiting Bundi, exploring the amazing historical sites, and the beautiful temples tucked in the nature’s bounty is counted among the top things to do in Bundi, along with the river safari on the blue waters of the Chambal river.

This spectacular place packs together a whole range of different experiences and flavors, that other cities in Rajasthan would find it difficult to match up to. From forts to palaces to lakes, there are several tourist places harbouring in Bundi, that can delight you to the core. And if tourists want to know the detailed information about all these top sightseeing places than our Tour My India team is always available as a dependable travel guide for your good help in choosing the best suited holiday package.

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