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Best Time to Visit Dungarpur

Roads leading to Dungarpur remains accessible throughout the year but the best time to visit is during winters (October to February ) as the weather remains pleasant and an ideal time to go for sightseeing.

Winter (October to February): 09°C - 35°C

For a fulfiling holiday in Dungarpur, it would be advisable to visit the region during the winter season as it is pleasent for enjoying sightseeing and indulging in outdoor activities. Major number of fairs and festivals takes place in Dungarpur during the wintrer season.

Summer (March to June): 25°C – 40°C

Not considered as a good time to go for a holiday to Dungarpur as the temprature is very high, making it difficult to go for outdoor activities and sightseeing. If planning a trip to Dungarpur during summer than do carry cotton clothese, sunsecreen, sunglasses, coversups and drink lots of water.

Monsoon (July to September) : 22°C - 37°C

The weather is good as compared to summer season but the humidity is at its peak. Don't forget to carry umbrella.

Best Time to Visit Dungarpur Dungarpur Weather Information

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