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Best Time to Visit Bundi

Like other parts of Rajasthan; the best time to visit Bundi is during the winter season as the weather remains pleasant. Summers are hot and dry, while the winters in Bundi remains chilly.

Winters (October to March): 5°C - 30°C

Best time to visit Bundi is Winter as the weather is enchanting and enlivening. It's a good time to visit the outdoor tourism attractions like Nawal Sagar, Dabhai Kund, Phool Sagar, Kshar Bagh and Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri. One of the major festival, Bundi fair, is also organized during November and attracts a good number of visitors.

So before planning a trip to Bundi considers the above mentioned climatic condition.

Summers (April to June): 35°C - 44°C

The temperature may be as high as 44°C; it will be too exhausting and tiring to go for sightseeing as the major number of forts are located atop hill and tourists will have to trek to reach them. Dry, hot winds blow in Bundi during the daytime, while the night can be pretty good as the temperature can reach till 35°C.

Monsoon (July to September): 24°C - 32°C

June marks the commencement of the monsoon season. At times, humidity reaches close to or over 90%, and body gets drier and dehydrated. It is not the time to visit Bundi but to see the colorful side of this place; one can visit during monsoon to attend Kajli-Teej festival, which is celebrated here with great pomp and show. Monsoon is also an off-season, thus here one can get great deals on resort and hotel stay.

Best Time to Visit Bundi Bundi Weather Information

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