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Pilgrimage Tourism Pondicherry

The French Rivera of the East, Pondicherry still exhibits its French heritage. No other tourist destination in India would have such diverse heritage and it is quite evident in the pilgrimage sites in Pondicherry. While part of the Indian mainland, the remains of the French colony is still evident and is even celebrated. A walk in the lanes of Pondicherry and you will experience the picture-perfect blend of South India and France. Pondicherry, apart from being famous for its aesthetics, is also one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in India. There are more than 350 Hindu temples in Pondicherry out of which around 70 temples are dedicated to Vinayakar (Lord Ganesha). The region of Karaikal alone has 99 temples. However, Pondicherry was a French colony for a long time and France influenced the culture and religion in Pondicherry which is quite visible. Pondicherry also attracts Christian pilgrims who visit numerous Christian pilgrimage sites spread throughout Pondicherry. However, these two aren’t the only religions practised in Pondicherry. A truly diverse city in terms of culture and religion, Mosques like Meeran Mosque and Darga of Masthan Saheb are also major pilgrimage tour spots in Pondicherry. Religious tourism places in Pondicherry don’t just attract devotees but also, they are architectural marvels. The temples, churches and mosques in Pondicherry are a reflection of the vibrant culture of the people and the intricately designed religious shrines are a fine display of architecture.

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