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Nature Parks & Gardens in Pondicherry

Besides infusing a fresh air of life in the city, the gardens and parks in Pondicherry allow a leisurely stroll and catching some moments of peace. For the kids, these parks are the ultimate place for spending a day out in fun and games. One of the major gardens in Pondicherry is the Botanical Gardens. Like many of the things here, the French influence in their style and architectural is hard to miss. This popular tourist attraction in Pondicherry provides a perfect combination of education and relaxation, and are characterized by pruned trees, gravel lined paths, fountains and water beds. The park is home to more than 1500 species of plants. Several avenues of entertainment exist inside the park which entertain both children and adults. Besides a toy train ride, there are musical and dancing fountains, an aquarium and a Japanese rock structure inside the park.

Other than the Botanical Gardens, there are several parks in Pondicherry which offer an escape into tranquility. Spending time in them lets you appreciate the beauty of nature. There is the Bharati Park, also known as the Government Park, located in the middle of French town. The highlight of the park is undoubtedly the Aayi Mandapam, the center of the park, which is dotted with ancient sculptures and statues. Its beauty, location and aura, all go into making it one of the most visited destinations in Pondicherry.

Children’s Park is another important park in Pondicherry and is obviously popular among children; whereas, the elders looking to enjoy an evening stroll prefer the Rainbow Nagar Park, while the Energy Education Park comes with a difference. This park seeks to highlight the importance of energy renewal, energy maintenance and the different kinds of energy available. There are also indoor and outdoor exhibits for visitors. For spending a quiet evening with family and friends in Pondicherry, there is no place to go better than Kurunji Nagar Modern Park. Other parks which are equally popular among visitors as well as locals are Lion Park, Ashok Nagar Park, and Victoria Nagar Park.

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