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Winter Season in Pondicherry

Travellers who have been to Pondicherry say that winter season is the best time to visit Pondicherry. Being a mesmerising coastal town in Tamil Nadu, winters in Pondicherry are not extreme, with a moderate climate and plenty of sunlight.  Starting from the month of November and lasting till March, the temperature during winter season range between 22-degree Celsius to 32-degree Celsius. The days are warm and nights are moderate with occasional rain showers. However, the rain spells won’t be a hindrance to the travel plans. The moderate climate during winter season not only makes sightseeing tour easy but also opens a plethora of water adventure activities like diving, snorkelling, surfing and parasailing. Due to this, winter in Pondicherry gives you a chance to experience everything that Pondicherry has to offer. If you are visiting Pondicherry in the winter season, you can also experience the International Yoga Festival, held from 4th to 7th January. The festival focuses on the various art and form of Yoga and is one of the largest cultural festivals in Pondicherry. Apart from Yoga Festival, you can enjoy the mesmerising beaches of Pondicherry. The wide range of water sports is also a major attraction during the winter season in the coastal town. From scintillating beaches like Serenity Beach, Mahe Beach and Paradise beach to surfing in the waves and snorkelling in the water around Pondicherry, Pondicherry offers the perfect blend of adventure and tranquillity.

Winter Season: November to March

Temperature: 22°C to 32°C

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