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Culture, Arts & Crafts of Pondicherry

The best way that can depict the culture and heritage of any place is probably the handicrafts which hold a distinctive mark of the tradition & culture and when it is about Pondicherry, the Union Territory has a lot to offer to the tourists. Any product that one can find in Pondicherry will have a story behind it as it is believed that the craftsmen have an exceptional sense of art and craft here. Popularly known as the Little France of India, it is the multi-ethnic land that holds a unique culture that reflects a fusion of both Tamil and French influence on art and crafts.

Taking a walk into the art and craft of Pondicherry, one such thing is the Pondicherry Bommai which is a traditional handmade doll that is made up of terracotta, papier mache, and plaster. Other than this, tourists can even figure out the determination of the craftsmen when it is the matter of carvings or paintings that are done on the coconut shell and palm leaves.

For Shopaholics, Pondicherry is a paradise as it has a lot to offer to the tourists coming in search of special knick-knacks that range from weaving, quality cotton and a number of fabrics including satin, twill, corduroy, poplin, chambray, oxford cambric and Khadi that are also popular in other parts of India as well as across the globe.  Also, tourists can find the pieces of jewellery that are of gold, silver and bronze. Other than this, tourists visiting Pondicherry can even buy souvenirs to take back home including wonderful wooden craft like traditional musical instruments, toys, grinders, vessels and wooden serving spoons. Also, the Jute Craft of Pondicherry produces carpets, rugs, footwear and handbags.

In addition to this, tourists can head to Auroville which is a small town of Pondicherry, where one can witness the incredible world of handicrafts that will leave you spellbound. The things that you can get an eye on including the signature handmade paper, aromatic candles and incense sticks, crochet garments, colorful paper lamps and a dizzying range of beauty products that you can shop from. Also, the union territory exhibits impressive doors, window frames ornate pillars and antique furniture which showcases that French colonial architecture.

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