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Cuisine of Pondicherry

The scrumptious cuisines of Pondicherry have a great French as well as Tamil influence. Tourists who come from across the globe have really liked the food and wish to visit Pondicherry time and again. One thing that can make Pondicherry cuisine stand different from any other food to try is the common practice that is followed by the locals when preparing food. In the sense, food in Pondicherry is cooked in very less oil, and are easy to digest.

Offering a lot, tourists will come across freshly baked baguettes and crisp croissants with a steaming cup of coffee which is considered to be a perfect breakfast of the people living in Pondicherry. Other than this, tourists can even try out the popular Indian delicacies that find much favor in Pondicherry including Tandoori Potato, Soya Dosa, Assad, Coconut Curry, Podanlangkai, Curried Vegetables, Stuffed Vegetables, Palpayasam which is sweet milk and a lot more.

In addition to this, a must try delicacy of Pondicherry is the Kadugu Yerra which is supposed to be no less than heaven for the non-vegetarians. The incredible recipe is made prawns cooked in a spicy and tangy tomato sauce with potatoes, vinegar, fenugreek, mustard paste and creamy coconut milk. One can even hog onto to the Curried Vegetables which is yet another delicacy prepared by the locals and tourists love it. The delicious vegetarian dish is prepared with various vegetable keeping in mind to add the nutritional value along with look and taste of the food. So tourists, who are fond of healthy, wholesome and tastier food in just one plate then it is highly recommended to try the lip-smacking Curried Vegetables. Also, one can even try out the Ratatouille which is a classic side dish it is usually accompanied with pasta or bread, the Coq Au Vin which is a classic French chicken dish, Bouillabaisse which is a traditional fish stew and more. Other than this, tourists can even try from various South Indian Delicacies including Masala Dosa, Sambar Vada, Idli and more that are also referred mostly during the breakfast by the locals.

No wonder, along with the pristine natural beauty of the popular destination, the cuisine of Pondicherry helps the epicure take delight in every single bite.

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