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Muhammadia Mosque Pondicherry

Mohammadia Mosque was built with a motive to preach Urdu and beliefs of Islam in the Urdu language. It was built as a part of Kuthba Mosque, also known as Jamia Mosque, Muhammadia Mosque is locally known as Mahadampalli. It is one of the best places to visit in Pondicherry if you have a curiosity or wish to learn about Islam and also about the Urdu language. Besides being the part of Jamia Mosque, Mohammadia Mosque has its own identity along with a separate building. Inside the complex, there is a small pond like that of in Kuthba Mosque. The pond is home to several fishes. There is also a hall where the fasting food is prepared for devotees during the Ramjan time. Apart from this, a hall for Janesha is also a highlight of Muhammadia Mosque. During the Islamic festivities, the mosque is beautifully adorned with lights and other material decorations.  On a whole, the Muhammadia Mosque is worth a visit as it gives tourists a sense of spirituality with a touch of history and culture.

Opening/Closing Timings

For a visit, Mohammadia Mosque remains open all days a week from morning till evening. Whereas, the timing of Madrasa is from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

Entry Fee

No Entry Fee


Mulla Street, Puducherry - 605001, India.

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