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Summer Season in Pondicherry

A coastal town in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry experiences the tropical wet and dry weather. Blessed with scintillating beaches and tranquil environment, Pondicherry is a paradise in the state of Tamil Nadu. A perfect blend of enchanting nature and vibrant culture, Pondicherry in the summer season can get pretty hot. With the temperature rising as high as 41°C, not many tourists prefer to visit Pondicherry during summer. However, this makes Pondicherry a less-crowded quaint vacation destination. The summer season in Pondicherry starts from March and lasts till June. The temperature is slightly high during the summer season, with temperature ranging between 26°C to 41°C. The humidity during this period might go up to 93%. However, the hot climate ensures less crowd in the city. Perfect for beach activities and beach adventure, Summer in Pondicherry has its own fair share of charm. You can also experience Tamil New Year in the month of April. You can visit all the tourist places in Pondicherry during the summer season and beaches like Serenity Beach, Paradise Beach and Mahe Beach would be less crowded during the season, making up for an excellent beach vacation.

Summer Season: March - June

Temperature: 25°C to 41°C

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