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Church of Our Lady of Good Health Pondicherry

Another Christian shrine in Pondicherry that has a French influence is the Church of Our Lady of Good Wealth. Stands comfortably in Ariyankuppam, the church was founded in the year 1690 and is currently one of the major pilgrimage centres in Pondicherry for Christin community. Under the leadership of Bishop ADDA SIMON, this shrine was built by Armenians. However, the church later went under the authority of Jesuits of the Carnatic Missions. Around 1700, the name of the church was changed to the Church of Our Lady of Good Health. Though the foundation of the church is more than 300 years old, it has undergone several reconstructions works throughout this time. Locally known as Ariyankuppam Church, the Church of Our Lady of Good Wealth is also one of the oldest surviving Roman Catholic churches in Pondicherry. Every day, a large pack of people, both tourists and devotees, come to relish the historical beauty and also to offer their prayers at the church. The altar inside the church is the main highlight of the shrine.

The Church of Our Lady of Good Health is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites and tourist attractions in Pondicherry. It is believed was the last pone that was offered to Jesuits to control and maintain it. This church has given the same importance to the church of Velankanni. Moreover, this shrine is sacred to Mary which is referred here as the Blessed Virgin Mary Every year, on 8th September, the Church of Our Lady of Good Health celebrated its feast day. Besides, throughout the year, the church also celebrated numerous Christian festivals and events that receive a lot of devotees from far and wide. Along with that, regular masses also held at the church. However, the mass timing differs on the festival days. On a whole, a visit to this surreal place is one of those experiences which you can’t afford to miss while vacationing in Pondicherry.

Spacious Architecture

In general, the appearance of the Church of Our Lady of Good Health is more like a castle from old time. The exterior walls of the church carry a beautiful combination of yellow and white colour Whereas, the interior includes rounded arches and a central aisle adorned with a vault. The altar of the church includes a free-standing crucifix. Along with that, the wooden images are beautifully placed on the side walls.

Address Location

Madha Koil Street, Ariyankuppam, Puducherry - 605007, India.

Opening/Closing Timings

The Church of Our Lady of Good Health opens all days a week. Moreover, the timings of the church remain the same in all seasons. Only the mass timings differ day wise.
Week Days (excluding Thursday): 6:00 AM
Thursday: 5:30 PM
Saturday: 6:00 AM and 5:30 PM
Sunday: 7:30 AM

Best Time to Visit

Undoubtedly, winter is the best time to visit the Church of Our Lady of Good Health. Commences in the month of October, the season received cool and pleasant weather conditions that remain ideal for tourism in the region throughout the season. The season lasts till the month of March.

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