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Ousteri Lake Pondicherry

With serene water and picturesque landscape and abundance of natural beauty altogether make Ousteri Lake one of those perfect locations in Pondicherry to spend quality time with your family. Spread over a large area of 390 hectares of land, this beautiful water body has been recognized by International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) as one of the most important wetlands of Asia. Being the only and the largest catchment of fresh water in the city, Ousteri Lake is reckoned to be a popular place of tourist interest in Pondicherry, and hence, is flanked by numerous visitors every day. The lake of Ousteri has a bit complex structure which includes wetland, mudflat and water. Despite that, this popular lake in Pondicherry has a variety of flora and fauna. In the floral section, Ousteri Lake is blessed with an array of floral species that varies from trees to small herbs. In relation with that, the region also supports a large avifaunal species that consist of both native as well as the migratory birds that can be spotted here during the seasons of summer and winter.

Here, you can expect to get a glimpse of more than 40 migratory birds, and hence, bird watching is one of the most significant things to do at Ousteri Lake which is loved by many tourists. Painted stork, Openbill Stork, Golden Oriole, White Ibis, Spotted Owlets and Tailor Bird are some unique migratory species of birds that reside here at Ousteri Lake. Apart from birdwatching, one can also choose to indulge in boat riding which is a unique experience in itself. A lot of tourists can also be seen picnicking with their friends and families at this place. Furthermore, Ousteri Lake is also an ideal tourist place in Pondicherry for all the shutterbugs to showcase their clicking skills. On a whole, Ousteri Lake is one of those tourist attractions that must be in every tourist’s Pondicherry travel itinerary just to relish that surreal nature experience in the city.


Oussudu village, Vazhudavoor Road, Puducherry.


Ousteri Lake remains daily accessible for tourists, and hence, one can visit this place at any day from sunrise to sunset.

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