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The Pondicherry Museum Pondicherry

An interesting sightseeing choice in Pondicherry for all the history and culture lovers is The Pondicherry Museum. Situated in the former Law Building on the Saint Louis Street, this museum in Pondicherry has a rich assortment of some rare and finest stone and bronze sculptures that trace their history from the time of Chola and Pallava dynasties. Besides, The Pondicherry Museum also has on display the artefacts that excavated from a historical port named Arikamedu. The entrance hall along with the courtyard of the museum includes a fossilized tree trunk and various stone sculptures. The ground floor houses one of the major attractions of this beautifully maintained museum which is a section that includes three curious transport mechanisms - a palanquin, a coach, and a version of rickshaw which was used in the earlier times and is known as pousse-pousse. All of these historical collections attract a large number of tourists to the museum that makes this place one of the top tourist destinations in Pondicherry.

There is also a Bronze Gallery where the images of gods and goddesses are exhibited. Along with that, a large collection of old temple lamps that were once used by different dynasties are also put up on display in this section. Above all that, what catches the eyes of a lot of visitors are the relics from the pre-Christian era. This section houses pieces from China’s Tsung periods, remnants of Roman and Greek jars and glass beads and precious stones that were excavated from Arikamedu site, located few km from Pondicherry. There is also Geology room in the museum along with the shell and fossil room. Apart from all these, a rare assortment of coins, French furniture, handicrafts and Church relics are also put up on display in the museum. On a whole, The Pondicherry Museum is one of those tourist places in Pondicherry that give tourists a chance to dig into the rich and magnificent history of the world whose we are a part of.

Major Highlights

  • Ancient bronze statues of god and goddesses and the golden lamps of different dynasties.
  • Pre-Christian relics like pieces from Tsung periods and glass beads and precious stones dug out from Arikamedu site.
  • Historical French furniture, coins, handicrafts and church relics.
  • Bronze effigies from Chola and Pallava dynasties.
  • Fossilized tree trunk on display.


For visitors, the Pondicherry Museum operates from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The museum remains closed on Mondays and National holidays.

Entry Fee

One has to pay a minimal fee of 15 INR to explore The Pondicherry Museum.


Easwaran Kovil Street, Pedro Canagaraya Mudaliar St, Puducherry - 605001.