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Harishankar Waterfall Odisha

Belonging to the family of natural gems of Odisha is the Harishankar Fall which is known as a popular pilgrimage site in the state. The fall finds its special place on the southern side of Gandhamardan hills in the Rourkela City of Odisha. This tourism attraction is mostly visited and is nestled in the heart of travellers as the famous Harishankar Temple is attached to it. Pilgrims who visit this famous temple, offer their prayers to two divine Hindu deities whose name are brought together as Harishankar where Hari means Lord Vishnu and Shankar means Lord Shiva. Hence, visiting Harishankar Fall can be a peaceful experience for the travellers who want to leave their city life behind for some time. Once here tourists can dip their soul in the soothing chants and chimes of the temple; enjoy the breeze that ripples through their skin; feel the rushing flow of the waterfall and relish the sight of scenic dark forests and Gandhamardan hills. All of this together makes Harishankar Fall one of the best tourist spots in Odisha. Furthermore, Indira Gandhi Park, Hanuman Vatika, Khandadhar Fall, PitaMahal Dam and Ispat Nehru Park are some tourist places that can be visited when around the fall.

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