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Badaghagara Waterfall Odisha

Providing a soul-stirring experience to every traveller who traverses through the Kendujhar district is the Badaghagara Waterfall. Set some 9 km away from the district headquarter of the town Kendujhar which is a part of the Kendujhar district, Badaghagara is one of the famous waterfall in Odisha.Dropping from a height of 60 m, Badaghagara is a special part of the Ghaghara River which itself is a tributary of River Baitarani. One special thing about this waterfall of Odisha is its never-ending flow of water which is the reason why a dam was constructed close to the downstream side. The greenery around add a soft touch of magic to the already charismatic waterfall and hence tourists swarm here in numbers to spend some leisure time. Adventure lovers can choose to trek to Badaghagara Waterfall where the feeling of reaching to this tourism destination will be totally worth it with lofty mountains in the background, dense Keonjhar forest covering the fall and the best being the sight of the imminent fall. Apart from this waterfall, visitors also love to take a sightseeing tour to Sanaghagara Waterfall which is a eco tourist spot which has things to do like boating, children’s park, tribal museum to name a few. Other travel places that also promote tourism in Odisha are Baladevjew Temple which was built in 16th century and is revered as the second highest Vishnu temple; Shiv Temple and Siddha Matha, a 14th century Lord Jagannath Temple which is a major pilgrimage site in Odisha.

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